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Pelican Freak’s Review:

Short version –
A great read, impossible to put down. Read within 24 hours. Just needs to be proofread as the mistakes/typos/etc. are a bit more abundant than I’d prefer.

Long version –

Character Development:
Brilliant and consistent with its predecessor, as most characters we were introduced to previously. I feel very attached to the protagonist and desperately curious about how the antagonists turn out – eagerly waiting for more of this group.

Fewer mistakes here than in Book 1 but – still too many. Needs a pass by a proofreader. Though the continuity is much better, flows much better so there’s definitely improvement.

Gorgeous, fitting. Matches the theme and the series. Love it.

Perfect. Easy on the eyes.

Plot / Reading experience:
Very fast-paced. Seriously could NOT put it down. I read the physical book because I was fortunate enough to come into a signed copy .. I normally avoid physical books because of the pain level (severe RA). I would put this book down because of the pain in my hands from holding it… and promptly pick it back up. I missed the book… more than I cared about the pain that holding it would cause!

A wild ride. Good continuity – MUCH better than its predecessor. Mysterious at times. Always fun. Dramatic. A 5-star read. The only reason I haven’t rated it 5 stars is because of the need for a proofread; professionally it isn’t a 5-star package. But truly, truly a 5-star read.
I hope the author will consider a proofread and a reprint so that this book becomes the overall-5-star-book that the story contained in it is.

I also am officially a huge fan of Clark-Kemp and will devour all the words she has written. I am extremely picky and demanding. It’s not often an author (or anyone/anything) keeps me this entertained, and it’s even less often that I overlook mistakes in a published work long enough to keep reading. I hope the author never stops writing and I whole-heartedly recommend her.

Bottom line : This is a 5star read in a 3/4 star package.

*This book is #2 in the Vyberdex Series. Book 1, Blood and Shattered Glass, can be found here:


and my review of it, here: