I discovered Wild Foods a few months ago when I was chosen to review their Madagascar ground vanilla bean. It changed my life – seriously. I now use this in a lot of my cooking and baking instead of extract. A little bit goes a long way – but that’s a different topic.

Today I’m here to share my latest Wild Foods discovery!
Since their Madagascar ground vanilla was so delicious, I was curious about their teas.


They were cool enough to send me a sample of their Wild Tea #6: Curr Berr and I’ve been enjoying it ever since.


This is described to have a “smooth berry flavor with a bit of tang”. It also fights inflammation which is helpful since my joints are very inflamed this time of year.

I found it to truly be very flavorful, very refreshing. This drink is like a treat – with its fun red color and sweet, fruity flavor. I did detect the slight tanginess they described and it works for me.
This one is really good as is – I did not need to add anything to it.

You should check out their website – they’ve got lots of great teas and other products here: