This is a BUYER BEWARE / Seller review:
Used to be a great seller, I’ve bought full-price items from them, as well as done product reviews for discounts over the last couple years.
My last 2 transactions with them were miserable, I caught them in several lies and they are *still* taking sales on items they do not even have in stock, falsely listing them as “in stock” on Amazon.
They even go so far as to “pretend” they’ve shipped your item, and issue FAKE “tracking numbers” to satisfy Amazon’s system.
My experience:
I ordered a case for the new iPhone 7. They claimed it was shipped, after a little while and issued me a ‘tracking number’. The alleged ‘tracking number’ was not recognized by either of the carriers they claimed were involved. When I asked them for a *valid* tracking number, they changed their story, saying that the item was back ordered and they “hoped” I “can wait a few more days”. I did- I waited, and after a week, they asked me to wait longer. This went on a few times. Eventually they offered me a partial refund for the delay, but they never came through on said partial refund.
When I asked them if they had *lied* by claiming it was shipped, originally, and why they issued me a bogus ‘tracking number’, they ignored me. I tried again several times and they ignored me every time.
Finally I went back to, “hey, where is my item” and – they ignored me some more. But I received an automated response informing me that my order had been canceled and my money refunded.
It seemed like, they still didn’t have the item in stock.. EXCEPT – it was STILL listed on Amazon as ‘in stock’. Since Hubby *really* wanted *this* case, and since this was the first time, out of many transactions, we’d caught them being dishonest, we tried again – re-ordered the same case, since it stated it was in stock.
Well – the same thing happened.
When I would inquire they would say, “hold on, we have to check warehouse to see if is in stock” (yes broken English).
I would ask them, “What do you mean ‘check your warehouse, you have it listed as IN STOCK’. They ignored me. Clearly they’re great at ignoring their customers.
I’d inquire again, through amazon’s site so they have to answer me – and I’d get, ‘Please be patient, the item is not in stock.’ But as they wrote this and as I am writing this review right now, the item is LISTED and states IN STOCK.  (<— the item, listed as “in stock” at the time of this posting.)
Oh and they issued another bogus tracking number, and claimed that the item was shipped! Again! It’s one thing to make a mistake, maybe you print a label and forget to see the process through – but this seller is blatantly issuing bogus tracking numbers. I was in touch with both carriers they claimed were involved and verified this.
After I inquired as to whether they were ever going to send me the case they sold to me, and they ignored me a few more times, eventually I got another automated email response informing me of my refund.
It would appear that they KNOWINGLY have at least this one product listed on amazon, despite the fact that it’s not in stock. They are KNOWINGLY taking orders for it… then to buy themselves time, they are LYING about shipping status, and even going to far as to issue bogus ‘tracking numbers’.

Title– Bittersweet
Series– The Kaveesh #1
By Tyffani Clark Kemp
Publication Date- October 15th

She’d reconciled her life without him. His return would be Bittersweet.

Welcome to Mother Cora’s, where the offspring of the Kaveesh learn to coexist with humans.

One hundred and twenty years ago, the Kaveesh came to Earth to save the dying planet from a disease that gorged itself on anything in its wake. Buildings crumbled to dust. Soil and plant life were consumed. Two-thirds of the Earth’s population perished.

The only thing the Kaveesh asked in return was to help save their dying race. Breeding programs began and the half-breeds were born.

Lirabel is a half-breed and an overachiever. Despite a few setbacks, she’s scheduled to graduate early from Mother Cora’s and become the Half-breed Ambassador to the Humans.

Enter Jonas. They were best friends until he broke her heart and disappeared five years ago. Now, he’s back, but Lirabel couldn’t care less. There are more important things to worry about…

Like finishing her last year of school and becoming ambassador. Or the half-bred students losing control of their Kaveesh strengths who are being sent into quarantine. Or how the breeding programs are still up and running.

And somehow, Jonas’ bittersweet return is connected to it all.


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I’ve only had this dreamcatcher for a short time – Hubby snapped it up promptly on its arrival. I noticed that it’s really well made. No feather shedding or otherwise shedding or falling apart – no matter how much I handled it. It was folded up, wrapped in plastic and included a cute little purple mesh gift bag. The gift bag is a nice touch – but the dreamcatcher absolutely will not fit in it.
As for whether or not it works- obviously: subjective and a bit soon to determine. At this point, our lack of bad dreams for the past several nights could be coincidence.
Either way, it looks cool. It’s well made. I’m able to tug on it and still no breakage or rips. I’m happy with it.
It’s listed as handmade, and I haven’t found anything to contradict this – the detail is good and it’s nice and tightly wrapped.
I received this dreamcatcher for free in exchange from my honest review. 
Product link:

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by Kelly Stone Gamble

99cents October 4-7


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******Release Day October 6, 2016******
Kelly Stone Gamble
Cass Adams comes from a long line of crazy, and she’s no exception.
Now that Cass is pregnant, she fears passing along the family burden to
her unborn child. But, that’s only one of Cass’ problems: the other is
the man she ran over with her truck, who has come to Deacon looking for a
compatible liver donor for his alcoholic father, Freddy Adams.
Thirty-five years ago, Freddy left Deacon without a trace, leaving
behind his wife and two sons: Roland, Cass’ first husband, and Clay, the father of her baby.

This book was like nothing else I’ve read and I’m a fan!

The book:


Pelican Freak’s 5-star review:


I came into this book not really sure what to expect.
The prologue left me still unsure of what to expect.. it was a great introduction to Mimic, who turned out to be a fascinating character but left questions. Did suck me in though.

The book is set in present time, but has futuristic technology if that makes sense. Really, it’s alien technology that humans stumble upon. Hammott manages to make it seem plausible. It’s not hard to believe that any other race would be more advanced than humans as… clearly we humans cannot get past superficial issues long enough to grip the big picture and just get our shit together.

This book centers around smarter-than-average humans so they sort of stand a chance against what they find… slim as it may be.

There’s nonstop action, almost.
Despite all of the action, there’s still plenty of opportunity to get to know the characters who are brilliantly developed.

I absolutely loved to hate one of them, was fascinated by a couple of them… rooted for the bulk of them and there was even a little romance worked in. Though it was subtle, it still managed to hold my attention and cause me to root for it.

This book also has laugh out loud moments and a little bit of heartwrench.
Lately, I’m having a hard time becoming engrossed in anything… as everything’s been done before. This is like nothing I’ve ever read and I’ll absolutely seek out more rom Hammott.

No complaints at all.. 5 stars.

I normally only share reviews that are 3-stars and above here on the blog. However, this one is such a waste of time and money, that I feel the need to let the review run and serve as a warning. Some of her descriptions can be disturbing. Seriously, skip this one, or go into it imaging it as satire and laugh at it if, like me, you’re sick of the same old drivel that is repeatedly put out by some “authors”. (I’m using the term ‘authors’ loosely here, clearly.)

The Book:

The Biker’s Property (Ghosts of the Prairie Motorcycle Club Series Book 1) by Regina Fox


PelicanFreak’s 1-star Review:

Cover: Amateur graphics, displaying little to no effort and generic.

Editing/Proofing: Don’t think this author used an editor or proofreader for this one. If they did, I hope they didn’t pay.

Character Development: Considering the author doesn’t even seem to know her characters’ names, I feel I shouldn’t spend my time analyzing them.

This book just needs soooo much help.
There actually could be something here if either – someone who knows how to be a writer became involved, or an editor were used.

Characters are semi well developed, semi-consistent in personality… but the author couldn’t be bothered to give them regular names. One of the main characters literally has name changes throughout the story – it’s horrible. If the author couldn’t even be bothered to give her character one consistent name, and/or edit the book even a little bit to be sure her own characters’ names were consistent, then I’m not sure why anyone should spend their time reading it.

That said, I became intrigued and it’s a really shallow, quick read so I did read it.
There is … sort of a plot. If that makes sense. There are biker gangs, and rivals but… much of the rivalry seems just that: an unfounded rivalry, that feeds stereotypes. This could be developed into something a bit deeper, more complex though, and make for a fun book.

The sex scenes are a joke.
I would NEVER discourage anyone from writing or from ANY of the arts. This author should certainly keep trying… but I do think she should NEVER attempt sex again. While I realize there’s something for everyone / everyone for something… I’ve not been able to find ANYone who can wrap their head around phrases like “meaty bits” and “alternate entrance”.

At times, I was confused as to whether the sex scenes were supposed to be serious? They almost read more like satire. When a clitoris is not even once, but routinely, consistently referred to as “meaty bits” and the like (imagine: other meat analogies that I’d much prefer to forget), it’s impossible to take the scene seriously.

Of course if you’re looking for something to mock, and aren’t easily traumatized, perhaps give this a look. Fair warning: I traumatized everyone I told about the author’s analogies for human anatomy, so do not come at this with a weak stomach.