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The book:

Which is #FREE July 30-31  ONLY!!



Pelican Freak’s 5-star review:



Seems professional, only a few errors noticed.


Absolutely gorgeous! If only every book were this pretty.

Character development:

So much fun! I like Vanessa and her house- yes her house- is its own character, I think- immediately. All of the book b!tches are great, I related to them all.  The town itself is another character and I quickly fell in love with the small-town vibe. There are characters to loathe, characters to root for, and characters whose books I think I’ve already predicted – overall brilliant design all around, with impressive attention to detail.

Wow. This book sucked me in fast and I immediately realized that putting it down resulted in serious separation anxiety. I missed it every second that I wasn’t in it. It was like a drug – I was trying to read it while walking around my neighborhood on errands, and while simultaneously talking to customers at work, for example. Hazardous!

This book has lots going on: there’s romance with heat. There’s new friendships with some really fun women -though I may be partial to the Book Bitches. There’s a bit of paranormal activity with some friendly ghosts that completely add to the charm of the town and every building in it. There’s history, and it’s completely real-feeling and fun and addictive – Conley should publish more Historicals, I’d read those all day. There’s also some modern-day mystery, which I’ll let you see for yourself… Definitely highly recommend this book.

I tend to predict everything, and I usually will not rate a book 5 stars unless it can manage to surprise me somewhere. However, this is a 5-star read, surprises or not. That said, there were a few little surprises /a few things that didn’t go exactly to my predictions.

I’ll be very impatiently waiting on the rest of this series and I strongly recommend giving this book a read. If you’ve never read Conley- do it. Start with this or Saving Charlie or Craze (which is free at the time of this posting).






I’ve come across some awesome coloring books lately and many have good prices so thought I’d share. Also have found some price drops on gel pens which seem to be all the rage so – here: (affiliate links).

Eparon 40-piece Gel Pen Set with 40 Unique Colors

Just $9.99 (free Prime shipping) >>>

Xtra Sparkle Glitter Gel 10 Colours Rotomac Sparkle GelPens by Rotomac

Just $3.90 shipped, (No Prime needed). >>>


Xtra Sparkle Glitter Gel 10 Colours Xtra Sparkle Gel Pen by Flair

Just $3.75 shipped (No Prime needed). >>>


LolliZ Gel Pens – 100 Unique Colors Gel Pen Tray Set

Just $13.99 (Shipped free with Prime). >>>



Art of Coloring Disney Princess: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation (Art Therapy)

$7.00 >>>>

Art of Coloring Disney Frozen: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation (Art Therapy)

$7.00 >>>


Art of Coloring: Disney Villains: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation

$7.00 >>>


The Dr. Seuss Coloring Book

This one’s my favorite! It’s $11.18 shipped with Prime >>>


The Disney Dreams Collection Original Art by Thomas Kinkade Coloring Book

$9.20, shipped with Prime. Is a pre-order. >>>


Color the Classics: Beauty and the Beast: A Deeply Romantic Coloring Book

$9.57 shipped with Prime >>>


It’s Color Time! (DreamWorks Trolls) (Adult Coloring Book)

$11.02 shipped with Prime >>>

I’m here to share one of my favorite gel pen sets with you. This set of 40 by Art-N-Fly has been great.

Lately, I’ve enjoyed coloring with gel pens so I’m burning through them quickly and as a result I’ve tested several sets. Some of them only come half full, others bleed or are scratchy if they work at all.

If you’re looking for a set that writes smooth, doesn’t bleed through the pages, doesn’t leak and shows up nice and full, I recommend this one.

At just $19.99, it’s priced lower than some of the other sets I’ve tried that don’t work as well. No nonsense – comes in a thin, plastic container. It’s soft plastic, so it’s not something I’d reuse, but it’s served me well for storing this set.

The glitter pens are really glittery, and so – gorgeous. The neons are bright and glow in the blacklight. All 40 of them work well and have a smooth flow. Great for writing, also fine for coloring in detailed areas, etc.

I received this set at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. When it runs out, I’ll likely re-purchase this one as it’s proven reliable.


This was one of my favorite reads ever. So this is just a super quick post to share that it’s on sale, temporarily.
Today, it’s on #sale for .99!
#witches #paranormal #scifi #anthology #fantasy #halloween
Get it here:

I’ve been stumbling onto some insanely low prices, some just mark downs and others with coupons so I’ve decided to do another post sharing some of my finds. (Amazon links are affiliate links.)


Lysol Toilet bowl cleaner – TWO PACK – $2.80 after coupon:

KLEENEX  (3pack, ultra strong) – $4.70 shipped, no coupon:

CASCADE pods, 60-count.  $10.29 after $1 coupon. JUST  .17 per load! :

There’s a $2 coupon on TIDE PODS here:

103 oz DOWNEY for just $8 shipped:


Just $1.12 for OLD EL PASO Taco shells:

$2.72 for Frosted Mini Wheats:

Same price for the BLUEBERRY, here:



Regular-sized boxes of poptarts, chocolate, red velvet, etc. $1.32

STARBURSTS – large bag. $1.84

12-pack of Combos  3.70



CREST 2pack, with SCOPE  2.97

OLD SPICE body wash – $3

$5 off VENUS razors:

36-count TAMPAX PEAR, $6

18-count TAMPAX – $3



Super low prices in celebration of the Pantry’s 2-year anniversary.

LINDT TRUFFLES – $1.41 / bag!! HOT


White coconut:

Dark Chocolate / caramel / sea salt:

Intense Orange:

A touch of sea salt:

Chili dark chocolate:


See them all HERE:


OF course – these were just highlights.
See ALL Prime Pantry coupons here:


A few s&s deals I’ve taken advantage of myself :

6pack Kleenex, $8


Delicious-smelling shower gel / doubles as bubble bath. $2.54 shipped


3pack of Lysol wipes for just $5 shipped after 25% off coupon!



As always, let me know if there’s anything in particular you’re looking for & I’ll do my best to find it and find a good price. 🙂




Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000447_00008]

Focussing hard, he gently pushed down on the door lever, popping it open with a soft click and letting a crack of light through. From where he stood, he could make out a small child laid on the bed, still as death, tubes all over his body leading to complicated-looking machines. Ryder closed his eyes shut for a second, needing to stop himself from running away from the private room. It hurt his heart to see the pitiful boy lying there with pale skin, no flush of youth colouring his cheeks. A woman was seated by the boy’s side on a green plastic chair, but Ryder couldn’t see her face. A cloud of blond hair, tousled and long, fell down her back in waves, over the summery, bohemian dress she wore long to her ankles. Her hand was closed around the child’s, and Ryder could hear the sniffles of her preventing herself from crying.
As he hovered in the doorway, she spoke softly to the boy. “Oh, Thomas. Come back to me.” Her voice cracked on a sob, and a tissue was produced from her other hand, wrinkled from earlier use. “I need you, little man. You’re all I really have in the world. The most important person in my life.” Her golden head bent, and she whispered, “Don’t leave me.”
I can’t hang about eavesdropping. Time to get on with it. Clearing his throat loudly, almost dramatically so, Ryder swept the door open in a rush and stepped into the room, hoping she wouldn’t notice. Wait—what the hell are you doing? She can’t see you anyway. For a second, the cardinal rule floated around his head, but he brushed it away angrily.
The woman looked up towards him with glassy green eyes, her anguish reflected in their depths, and she sniffed loudly as she forced a smile onto her face. Hurriedly scrubbing at her face, she gave a hollow laugh. “Sorry, doctor, I didn’t see you there. Don’t mind me.”
Doctor? Oh, shit…she can see me. What the hell? Frozen to the spot, Ryder opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish gasping for air. His pulse became a livewire again, drying his throat with panic. The woman continued staring at him questioningly without looking away, raising her eyebrows and offering a sad smile when he didn’t make any sound. Snapping his mouth closed, Ryder managed a wry smile, brightly replying, “Please, it’s fine. It’s okay to be upset.” I don’t understand this. How can she see me? Greek has some explaining to do. I can’t take the boy while she’s here though. Hell, maybe I can console her a bit. Ankou and Morrigan wouldn’t mind that, right?
“Maybe, but I know I need to keep my spirits up, too.” Rising up sharply, the woman held a hand out, scrunching the worn tissue tightly in her other hand like a comfort blanket. “I don’t think I’ve seen you here before. New, yes? I’m Elizabeth Davies, Thomas’ mother.”
“I’m, er…Doctor Thompson. Yeah, I’m new. I’m…sorry about your little boy.” Thank fuck I’ve got a common surname.
Elizabeth cocked her head, shrugging her shoulders. “Thanks. He’s going to be okay though. I know it.” Another nervous laugh. “I know you guys say otherwise, but…I know my little man. He doesn’t give up without a fight.” She gazed down at the still child for a moment, her lip wobbling, before she burst into tears once more.
“Oh! Mrs Davies, please sit down,” Ryder gushed, racing to her side. Forgetting for a second that he had to concentrate his energies, his hand slipped through the small of her back, but she didn’t seem to notice. Charging himself, he placed his hand around her shoulders, helping her sit down as he moved his palm to rub small circles on her back. Crouching down, he smiled up into her tear-streaked face, suddenly taken by how much more beautiful she was up close. Tiny freckles dotted her nose and cheeks, and her lips were so pink they were almost blushing. “You’re right,” he agreed vehemently. Regardless of his mission, he had to give her some hope. At least at this moment. It wouldn’t be right to take that away from her. “It doesn’t matter what we say. We’re often wrong, you know.”
“Yeah?” Elizabeth asked, hope lighting her features for a moment.
Reaching over to squeeze her hand, Ryder whispered, “Yeah. So you hang onto that. Thomas will wake up, you’ll see.” What the fuck are you doing, Ryder? Grim Reaper, remember? You’re meant to take him to the Otherworld, not tell her he might wake up. He gazed up at the hope shining in her eyes, and he collapsed under her stare. Fuck it. Maybe he will wake up. Maybe Ankou and Morrigan are wrong about him. Ryder glanced around the room, frowning as he noted a ghostly figure of the little boy wasn’t anywhere in the room. After all…he’s not floating around like Abigail was. Shit, that’s it. He’s not going to die. Surely. It was the only explanation. Why else wouldn’t he be here? Although in his heart of hearts, Ryder knew it probably meant nothing, he couldn’t take Thomas away from Elizabeth just yet. Not when she was so broken. He knew how it felt.

Available now – and for #FREE !

Amazon U.S.

Amazon U.K.

Amazon Canada:

Hi there.

The links in this post are affiliate links which means I may earn a small percentage of purchase made through following these links.

I’ve been deal-searching again and thought some of the deals I found in the Pantry, between coupons and low prices were share-worthy.


72-Count  TIDE HE pods for just $15.97 after you clip the $2 coupon.


Prefer the liquid? Get it here for just $8.77 after the $2 coupon. TIDE with DOWNEY.


Grab this Lysol 2-pack for just $2.79!!


Get  this 3-pack of LYSOL wipes for just $7.07 after the 25% off coupon!



Old Spice high endurance deodorant for men for just $1.54 after the $1 coupon – CRAZY CHEAP!

Or this one for just $1.69 !!


This 150 ounce Arm & Hammer Laundry detergent for just $6.99 after the $1 coupon!!


Old El Paso taco shells for just $1.27:

POP TARTS for just $2.76, 16-count!


Brown Sugar:

Crisco Pure Vegetable Oil – 32 Oz just $1.73:

28 ounce Sriracha

Gulden’s Brown Mustard, $1.39

Pure Vanilla Extract (McCormick), 2 ounces just $4.04

RealLemon Just $1.11


Hair, Beauty, etc.

There are a couple of super sized Pantene shampoo & conditioer for just $4.79 after you clip the $2 coupon.



and Styling Products for just $1.99:

Or Aussie Shampoo, giant, pump bottle for just $3.94 after the coupon:

How about a package of VENUS replacement cartrights for just $14.98 after the $6 coupon? Wow!

Or a 5-pack of the Venus Embrace for just $15.06:


Mucinex for just $6.07:



There are some great prices on SPICES / SALT /Seasoning Packets listed below:

Morton Salt: .69, or Morton Kosher Salt:

McCormick taco seasoning, .68!!

McCormick Perfect Pinch Italian Seasoning, $2.34

McCormick Crushed Red Pepper $1.35

McCormick Garlic Powder, $2.33

McCormick Paparika, $2.49:

McCormick White Pepper, $1.33

McCormick Parsely $1.25

McCormick Oregano, $2.20

McCormick Basil, $2.17

Lawry’s Seasoning Salt, just $1.27

And more! To see McCormick’s full selection in the Prime Pantry, click here:


There are tons of other great deals going on, these are just a few that caught my eye, or that I grabbed myself due to stockpile pricing.

Hope this helps.
Don’t forget, we have til April 30 to use the latest round of PANTRY NO-RUSH promos.