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I’ve been stumbling onto some insanely low prices, some just mark downs and others with coupons so I’ve decided to do another post sharing some of my finds. (Amazon links are affiliate links.)


Lysol Toilet bowl cleaner – TWO PACK – $2.80 after coupon:

KLEENEX  (3pack, ultra strong) – $4.70 shipped, no coupon:

CASCADE pods, 60-count.  $10.29 after $1 coupon. JUST  .17 per load! :

There’s a $2 coupon on TIDE PODS here:

103 oz DOWNEY for just $8 shipped:


Just $1.12 for OLD EL PASO Taco shells:

$2.72 for Frosted Mini Wheats:

Same price for the BLUEBERRY, here:



Regular-sized boxes of poptarts, chocolate, red velvet, etc. $1.32

STARBURSTS – large bag. $1.84

12-pack of Combos  3.70



CREST 2pack, with SCOPE  2.97

OLD SPICE body wash – $3

$5 off VENUS razors:

36-count TAMPAX PEAR, $6

18-count TAMPAX – $3



Super low prices in celebration of the Pantry’s 2-year anniversary.

LINDT TRUFFLES – $1.41 / bag!! HOT


White coconut:

Dark Chocolate / caramel / sea salt:

Intense Orange:

A touch of sea salt:

Chili dark chocolate:


See them all HERE:


OF course – these were just highlights.
See ALL Prime Pantry coupons here:


A few s&s deals I’ve taken advantage of myself :

6pack Kleenex, $8


Delicious-smelling shower gel / doubles as bubble bath. $2.54 shipped


3pack of Lysol wipes for just $5 shipped after 25% off coupon!



As always, let me know if there’s anything in particular you’re looking for & I’ll do my best to find it and find a good price. 🙂





Hi there.

The links in this post are affiliate links which means I may earn a small percentage of purchase made through following these links.

I’ve been deal-searching again and thought some of the deals I found in the Pantry, between coupons and low prices were share-worthy.


72-Count  TIDE HE pods for just $15.97 after you clip the $2 coupon.


Prefer the liquid? Get it here for just $8.77 after the $2 coupon. TIDE with DOWNEY.


Grab this Lysol 2-pack for just $2.79!!


Get  this 3-pack of LYSOL wipes for just $7.07 after the 25% off coupon!



Old Spice high endurance deodorant for men for just $1.54 after the $1 coupon – CRAZY CHEAP!

Or this one for just $1.69 !!


This 150 ounce Arm & Hammer Laundry detergent for just $6.99 after the $1 coupon!!


Old El Paso taco shells for just $1.27:

POP TARTS for just $2.76, 16-count!


Brown Sugar:

Crisco Pure Vegetable Oil – 32 Oz just $1.73:

28 ounce Sriracha

Gulden’s Brown Mustard, $1.39

Pure Vanilla Extract (McCormick), 2 ounces just $4.04

RealLemon Just $1.11


Hair, Beauty, etc.

There are a couple of super sized Pantene shampoo & conditioer for just $4.79 after you clip the $2 coupon.



and Styling Products for just $1.99:

Or Aussie Shampoo, giant, pump bottle for just $3.94 after the coupon:

How about a package of VENUS replacement cartrights for just $14.98 after the $6 coupon? Wow!

Or a 5-pack of the Venus Embrace for just $15.06:


Mucinex for just $6.07:



There are some great prices on SPICES / SALT /Seasoning Packets listed below:

Morton Salt: .69, or Morton Kosher Salt:

McCormick taco seasoning, .68!!

McCormick Perfect Pinch Italian Seasoning, $2.34

McCormick Crushed Red Pepper $1.35

McCormick Garlic Powder, $2.33

McCormick Paparika, $2.49:

McCormick White Pepper, $1.33

McCormick Parsely $1.25

McCormick Oregano, $2.20

McCormick Basil, $2.17

Lawry’s Seasoning Salt, just $1.27

And more! To see McCormick’s full selection in the Prime Pantry, click here:


There are tons of other great deals going on, these are just a few that caught my eye, or that I grabbed myself due to stockpile pricing.

Hope this helps.
Don’t forget, we have til April 30 to use the latest round of PANTRY NO-RUSH promos.






There are some really great coupons available right now, and some really great prices they can be stacked with so I thought I’d share some of the really hot Prime Pantry deals I’ve found here.


3pack of Lysol wipes for a total of 240-count!

Clip the 25% off coupon, get these for just $7.07 in the Prime Pantry.


Lays chips:

Just $3.15 in the Prime Pantry!
HUGE bag- my local supermarkets get $5-$6 for this size, if they carry them at all.

Assorted flavors avail.

Kettle Cooked chips – assorted flavors, under $3 per bag!



A 4-pack of Kraft EasyMac for just $2.57 after you clip the coupon:


SUPER cheap BAKING SUPPLIES… here are a few I found:


Just $1.19 after the 20% off coupon:

Jet-Puffed Marshmellows:

Just $1.57 after the 20% off coupon:

BAKERS Secret, semi-sweet after the 20% off coupon ONLY .92!!

Or the unsweetened for $1.80:

KRAFT caramel bits for just $2.16:

Lots of Jell-O flavors starting at just .95!! After the 20% off coupon!!


Strawberry Banana:


Black Cherry:

Cherry Lemonade:

Fruit Punch:


Melon Fusion:

Also several Jell-O puddings starting at just .76 when you clip the 20% off coupon!

Cookies & Cream:



Banana Cream:

PASTA RONI products (assorted flavors) as low as .84 each! When you clip the 15% off coupon.


Honey Nut #Cheerios for just $2.99 after .50 coupon:

Old El Paso products as low as, .86 after the 15% off coupon. See the selection here:


Annie’s Organic snacks as low as $1.23 after the 15% off coupon. Selection here:


Arm & Hammer Laundry detergent, Just $6.99 for 150 ounces after the $1 coupon!!


Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner – 2pack just $2.79 after the 25% off coupon:


FIBER ONE products are 15% off when you clip the coupon here:


FINISH DISHWASHER TABS, 60 count just $6.74 after the 25% off coupon:


KNORR sides, as low as .45 after the .50 coupon:


Take $1.00 off select DOVE for MEN products here:


Get Spray N Wash pre-treatment for just $2.55: OR if you prefer RESOLVE, it’s just $3.11:


Loads of other deals, see the PRIME PANTRY COUPONS that are currently avail here:

Below isn’t #PrimePantry, it’s #Subscribe&Save:

Case of the #Cottonelle clean flushable wipes for just $11.55 after you clip the $1 coupon. I usually pay $12-$14 for this item, even when it’s on sale. This is a ROCK BOTTOM, #STOCKPILE price!