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I’m stoked to have finally read, what for me has been a highly-anticipated release: Book 4 in Trish Marie Dawson’s Find Me series!

This is my favorite series, and the one that introduced me to one of my favorite authors. Dawson has an annoying habit of leaving me hanging so I’ve been going mental waiting for this one.

It did not disappoint.
The book:


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Pelican Freak’s 5-star review:

     I’ve been a fan of Dawson since ‘I Hope You Find Me’ and this is actually my favorite book series and she’s one of my two favorite authors.
So, it was with lots of excitement but also very, very high expectations that I embarked on Book 4 of her Find Me series. I’m not an easy person to impress, and was left hanging where the first three installments left off – still this one does not disappoint.
     When we left off in Book 3, Finding Hope, it of course, had grown increasingly dark, being the third book in a post apocalyptic series. I was impressed, constantly, with how perfectly she managed to pull off the escalating darkness of the mood, while keeping it real. Nothing about this series strikes me as far-fetched and the changes we see in the characters’ demeanors seem appropriate for what they’ve been through. This installment just picks up where its predecessor left off, tone-wise. Despite it growing darker, there is still always hope, thanks to brilliantly designed characters.  Dawson is incredibly brilliant in this way.
     As with all of her other books, I feel like I’ve watched it all play out. Her descriptions are so real, so raw and so detailed -without droning on annoyingly though- that I forget I’m looking at words and just watch all of the scenes play out in my mind. This is how all books should be, yes, but Dawson is one of the few authors who does this for me. When I had to put the book down, I missed it. This series stays with me and I’m certain I’ll be re-reading the entire series, greedily. Again.
     Despite the rotating point-of-views, there is no confusion. This way, the reader has insight into the various ways the different characters see things. It’s fascinating at times to view one character’s view of their relationship with that person, versus the other person’s. It was always a great way to showcase the various characters’ mindsets: some remained ever-hopeful, despite having lost everything. Others had developed some very interesting coping mechanisms that added drama to the group dynamic, adding another element of fun to the overall reading experience.
     Overall I’d give this 5 stars for keeping me engaged, not an easy feat, staying with me after I’ve finished it, and being professionally done.
If you haven’t already started this series, check it out!
You can score the first book for free, here:

This post is a #BookReview but it is so good and I will never be able to say enough about it so I wanted to point out that this is a #recommendation post, really.

re.EVOLUTION was co-written by Guido Baechler and Joel-Mark Harris.
It was impossible to put down.

If you like post apocalyptic and zombie stuff, you’ll like this. But if you don’t like those things, you’ll still like this. It’s not zombies.. it’s Evolution… done over, subsequent to what we have done to our planet and our food supply.

The book:

And it’s currently listed at just two bucks so what do you have to lose? Go go go!

Pelican Freak’s 5-star review:

I’m going to preface this review with a warning –
I’ll absolutely never be able to do this book justice, I’ll never remember to include everything that I loved about it here.

That said – this book was insane! In a good way.
When I stepped away from it, I missed it horribly. I actually am still thinking about the characters and dying for Volume 2! It really stays with you – at least it did for me.

When the book opens, I’m intrigued… I think it might be a futuristic deal of a time I cannot relate to.
This isn’t the case at all. While it is obviously set in the future, it doesn’t seem far-fetched at all. In fact, based on the explanation later given (sorry to be vague, but I don’t want to spoil anything for you) it is completely plausible and makes me a little bit terrified that it’s going to come true – and not super far into the future!!

Ewan clearly is making the best of a dire situation… it’s easy to wonder why he still bothers except – he does have a reason. His son. His son has a hard time remembering or relating to life as we know it now – even though it wasn’t that long ago for him … the world is just that drastically different that it’s hard to imagine a different one.

The Creatures – they’re not zombies. Don’t just think “this is another zombie book” because that’s not the case here.
Again – I do not want to post any spoilers but – there are a couple of different species and they can be highly intelligent. Animalistic yes, but also hunanistic – that’ll make sense if you read it. They truly are a new race (or races.. read the book).

Naturally – cannibalism is a thing and the humans that have survived have sorted themselves into packs so it’s dangerous EVERYwhere.
Make a home for yourself, find a means to survival – but it’s so fragile because of the situation.

This book is SO interesting, while being adventurous and thriller-esq.
Truly a fascinating, addicting read and I honestly cannot wait for more.

Cover: Gorgeous and appears to be professionally done. Fitting. LOVE that it’s relevant to the content and not generic.
Formatting: Well done, book is easy on the eyes. Appears professional.

Highly highly recommend … cannot say that enough.
Check out the gorgeous cover: