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Loved this book – would love it if there were MORE starring Renee or her fellow deltas. I’m learning that you cannot go wrong with this author at all.

For anyone who likes their stories CLEAN – you’ve come to the right place. This books is sweet, completely clean and more focused on some urban working-girl drama, with a side of romance, than just being a romance.


Pelican Freak’s 4.5-star review:


Cute, not super professional, but totally fitting and I LOVE the originality.


Professional – smooth read.


Easy on the eyes, no distractions.

Character development:

I admit, I marvelled at this a few times. There were a lot of characters to keep straight but it was somehow made simple. Good consistency and I wanted to know about everyone that appeared. Brilliant design here.
I got really into this book really quickly, as the Delta girls’ world just had a way of pulling me right in. Renee is strong, just girlie enough, independant and has a strong support system. She’s a daddy’s girl – and I mean that in a completely innocent way. She’s likeable, kinda badass and I empathize with her throughout. This book isn’t like anything else I’ve ever read – the conversations are played out, not just described. It all feels so real; I could completely see myself in these situations, saying/doing these things. I was sucked into the book, missed it when I stepped away, etc. and it all felt so real.

It was mildly predictable but – I truly predict everything. This didn’t turn me off at all, and when it ended, I was a little sad that it was over… book hangover here. Hope Gretchen writes more from this world – I’d happily travel back to it any time.

Overall, I’d say 4, 4.5 stars. If I hadn’t been able to predict it, I’d do 5, that’s the only thing holding me back a bit.


Seriously – great!!



This is a Hidden Hearts Novel, Book #2, by Mary Crawford.



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“You were the answer to a prayer I never even knew I had.”


I instantly take this book’s MC, Jessica as she seems not too much younger than myself, she’s in Florida but not from there – and I just am able to relate to her. She’s very personable, and very down to earth.
As the book goes on and she finds Hope, my heart just goes out to Hope but I’m relieved that Jessica reacts much in the same way I would and I’m hooked. Her first encounter with Mitch has me thinking he’s kind of a d— but as I get to know him better, I warm up to him. We all have bad days; he really isn’t a bad guy.
Either way, the characters are pretty well developed. In the moment we initially meet Hope, in just a couple of simple lines, I am instantly reminded of everything I love about dogs – the descriptive is consistently brilliant this way. The rest is kind of a rocky road, paved with some drama, some conflict, even some crime – and of course romance – so it’s a jam-packed, fun ride and I recommend this read.


The gorgeous formatting that serves as eye candy never hurts!

In celebration of her new release, Sublime Forgiveness, Zapata has temporarily dropped the prices of the other books in the series to .99 !
Book 1:  Sublime Wreckage
After suffering a tragic accident as a child, Maggie Wilson has tried her whole life to regain the happiness she lost. She has been in survival mode ever since, dealing with a mentally unstable parent, having no one to turn to for help. Her desire to escape to a better future fuels her motivation and keeps her focused on what really matters, breaking free of the hell she lives in.
Things at home are complicated and it’s easier to push people away than allow them to get too close. She doesn’t let anyone into her life except her best friend Amanda. Maggie has perfected keeping secrets, maintaining her GPA and staying out of relationships. All her energy is put into her school work so that when she graduates she can leave for college and forget her past.
All of that changes when she meets Vincent Moreno. His reputation precedes him but she quickly discovers there is so much more to him than what you see on the surface. He manages to wiggle his way into her life despite her efforts to keep him at a distance. As Maggie starts to open up she realizes how much she needs someone like Vince in her life. They form a connection like no other and it has her reconsidering everything.