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The book:

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Pelican Freak’s 5-star review:



Seems professional, only a few errors noticed.


Absolutely gorgeous! If only every book were this pretty.

Character development:

So much fun! I like Vanessa and her house- yes her house- is its own character, I think- immediately. All of the book b!tches are great, I related to them all.  The town itself is another character and I quickly fell in love with the small-town vibe. There are characters to loathe, characters to root for, and characters whose books I think I’ve already predicted – overall brilliant design all around, with impressive attention to detail.

Wow. This book sucked me in fast and I immediately realized that putting it down resulted in serious separation anxiety. I missed it every second that I wasn’t in it. It was like a drug – I was trying to read it while walking around my neighborhood on errands, and while simultaneously talking to customers at work, for example. Hazardous!

This book has lots going on: there’s romance with heat. There’s new friendships with some really fun women -though I may be partial to the Book Bitches. There’s a bit of paranormal activity with some friendly ghosts that completely add to the charm of the town and every building in it. There’s history, and it’s completely real-feeling and fun and addictive – Conley should publish more Historicals, I’d read those all day. There’s also some modern-day mystery, which I’ll let you see for yourself… Definitely highly recommend this book.

I tend to predict everything, and I usually will not rate a book 5 stars unless it can manage to surprise me somewhere. However, this is a 5-star read, surprises or not. That said, there were a few little surprises /a few things that didn’t go exactly to my predictions.

I’ll be very impatiently waiting on the rest of this series and I strongly recommend giving this book a read. If you’ve never read Conley- do it. Start with this or Saving Charlie or Craze (which is free at the time of this posting).





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Also, I wanted to share a #free ebook… I absolutely love author J.A. Howell; I often say her writing is “like crack” to me. Book #1 in her Love & Ink Series (really hot!!) is now FREE, so why not check it out?


Bodyguard - BaBB - A. M. CosgroveBodyguard

Gunshots ring out on a bright sunny morning and Olivia Wood’s perfectly neat and tidy life is turned upside down. With her life suddenly in danger and desperate to regain control of her shattered life, she is forced to accept help to ensure her safety.

When ex army ranger Bo Jackson was asked to join DOT as weapons specialist he believed he had found a great place to hide from his past. A place he could be useful and stood no chance anyone getting hurt because of him again. Being asked to protect another human being was not what he ever planned on.

Tempers flare and sparks fly as the two work against a faceless enemy in an unlikely partnership. Will he be able to overcome his past be her knight in shining armor? Will she be the one to mend his broken heart? Will they survive to see the future?



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I’m a huge fan of Stan Brookshire and all that goes along with him, so I wanted to share the fact that right now you can snag this installment for just .99 (also included in #KindleUnlimited) …

The Book:

Some cases are hard to let go of, even haunting. Detective Stan Brookshire knows this better than anyone – he still relives a particularly brutal unsolved case from his past in his darkest dreams. A young girl gone and her murderer never brought to justice…

There’s a serial killer who removes pieces of his victims until they succumb to his game and then skips town, without a trace. He’s already left his mark on Lake City and Stan himself but he’s back and has his eyes set on Stan; this time it’s personal.

It’s Stan against the clock as he and the entire Lake City Police Force race once more to catch the one that got away. Will another innocent die in the process or will Stan get to her in time?

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Pelican Freak’s 5-star review can be found below…



The Book:

(It’s $3 to purchase or free with #KindleUnlimited)


Pelican Freak’s detailed, 3-star review:

Another review that doesn’t come easy to me at all, I had to read this one after reading the first two books in this series and needing to go on.

That is a testament to the author’s brilliance and ability to leave the reader needing more.

It is more of a feat than it seems on the surface; the first two books appeared unedited. This is a serious pet peeve of mine because in a world of “everyone’s an author” and independent publishing, I feel like unedited books give the entire indie publishing industry a bad name. I also feel like, “if you cannot be bothered to hire editors and proofers, why should I spend my time on your work”, basically.

BUT – Book 1 hooked me. Despite the aforementioned pet peeves, I needed to know what happened – to the point that I bought and read Book 2. Book Two was even worse with a major character’s name actually changing – it was unreal… but it still left me hanging. Despite my loathe of unpolished, unedited books, I pre-ordered Book 3 because I had to know how this series turns out… and here we are.

The editing in this book is still bad… if I had to guess, I’d say that this book is unedited and un-proofed. We had Sable in Book 1, Sabel in Book 2 and now she’s back to Sable. As if that’s not enough we’ve got Tom Russel slash Tom Russell and a detrimental, antagonist organization that switches between DSRD and DHRD – it is so annoying to see such basic mistakes. I’m not just being a snob here, the grammar is terrible throughout the series and the only thing that’s consistent about the punctuation is its inconsistency.


The content is good. The poor grammar and constant mistakes and name change-ups are a major distraction that definitely add to the time I needed to spend reading this book… and there are a couple of key continuity issues but… for the most part this picks up where Book 2 left off. There is lots of action and some romance. There is violence, there are fights, there is conspiracy… what we have here is clearly an author with a brilliant mind and infinite imagination.

I’d call the characters complex; they’re all brilliantly designed and they all stay true to who they are throughout the series, despite their major tribulations. In fact, for some of them, it’s because of who they are that they can survive such challenges. I don’t want to give anything away so I cannot give examples here – just a sort of undocumented praise.

She’s brilliant at description and painting a pretty specific picture in the reader’s mind without being over descriptive. Also in this installment of the series, there were some really epic magical battles that would rival some of those in the Harry Potter books.

I’d love to read her other works, but I’m not going to put myself through it based on the lack of editing I experienced in this series.

We can’t all be good at everything; I’m just going to hope that she hires an editor or proofer to clean up her work so that it can look professional and be worthy of the attention I’d want it to get if it were professionally put out.

The bottom line seems to be – this is a 5-star story, dragged down to a 3-star total package by a lack of editing.

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