I’m a huge fan of Stan Brookshire and all that goes along with him, so I wanted to share the fact that right now you can snag this installment for just .99 (also included in #KindleUnlimited) …

The Book:

Some cases are hard to let go of, even haunting. Detective Stan Brookshire knows this better than anyone – he still relives a particularly brutal unsolved case from his past in his darkest dreams. A young girl gone and her murderer never brought to justice…

There’s a serial killer who removes pieces of his victims until they succumb to his game and then skips town, without a trace. He’s already left his mark on Lake City and Stan himself but he’s back and has his eyes set on Stan; this time it’s personal.

It’s Stan against the clock as he and the entire Lake City Police Force race once more to catch the one that got away. Will another innocent die in the process or will Stan get to her in time?

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