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I’ve been stumbling onto some insanely low prices, some just mark downs and others with coupons so I’ve decided to do another post sharing some of my finds. (Amazon links are affiliate links.)


Lysol Toilet bowl cleaner – TWO PACK – $2.80 after coupon:

KLEENEX  (3pack, ultra strong) – $4.70 shipped, no coupon:

CASCADE pods, 60-count.  $10.29 after $1 coupon. JUST  .17 per load! :

There’s a $2 coupon on TIDE PODS here:

103 oz DOWNEY for just $8 shipped:


Just $1.12 for OLD EL PASO Taco shells:

$2.72 for Frosted Mini Wheats:

Same price for the BLUEBERRY, here:



Regular-sized boxes of poptarts, chocolate, red velvet, etc. $1.32

STARBURSTS – large bag. $1.84

12-pack of Combos  3.70



CREST 2pack, with SCOPE  2.97

OLD SPICE body wash – $3

$5 off VENUS razors:

36-count TAMPAX PEAR, $6

18-count TAMPAX – $3



Super low prices in celebration of the Pantry’s 2-year anniversary.

LINDT TRUFFLES – $1.41 / bag!! HOT


White coconut:

Dark Chocolate / caramel / sea salt:

Intense Orange:

A touch of sea salt:

Chili dark chocolate:


See them all HERE:


OF course – these were just highlights.
See ALL Prime Pantry coupons here:


A few s&s deals I’ve taken advantage of myself :

6pack Kleenex, $8


Delicious-smelling shower gel / doubles as bubble bath. $2.54 shipped


3pack of Lysol wipes for just $5 shipped after 25% off coupon!



As always, let me know if there’s anything in particular you’re looking for & I’ll do my best to find it and find a good price. 🙂





I’ve come across some great options for Easter gifts/ add-ins for baskets on amazon that are great prices.

Thought I’d share a few here.

#Lindt has you covered with their amazing #Lindor truffles, Clip the 20% off coupon to score these (60 count!) for just $12.80!

This would make a great standalone gift. Or split into baskets. Or place in eggs for a gourmet Easter egg hunt!


Some inexpensive books that are also #Classics:

$3.99 shipped for

The Berenstain Bears’ Easter Parade


$3.16 shipped for

The Night Before Easter


$3.97 shipped for

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story: Stickers Included! (Berenstain Bears/Living Lights)


Don’t forget the adorable plush bunny! This Melissa & Doug bunny is just $12.75 shipped (Was $15)



Just $9.20 when you clip the 20% off coupon and use s&s

If you’re doing chocolate, you can do so much better than the heart-shaped box of cheap, crappy chocolates from the drugstore.

Here are a few ideas:
Personally, I want this order of 100 Lindor truffles!

At the time of this posting, it’s under $29 (free shipping with Prime) which is a good deal.



If your significant other likes intense dark, and or Ghiradelli, these are pretty delicious: ($15 for a 4pack)



For around $30 (free shipping with Prime), you can get the Godiva gold box:


For $14 (Free shipping with Prime), a good mix from Lindt:



& if you’re not a Prime member yet, you can sign up here. If you’ve not done so before, you can always do a free 30-day Trial.





I’ve already blogged a couple of product reviews today but I’m in love with this chocolate and I just had to share.


I agreed to review this product and I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Turns out it’s some of my new favorite chocolate ever. I was greeted by a really intense smell when I opened the bag – you know the scent of the really, hardcore dark chocolates?

The taste – is so smooth. Just dark enough, not so intense that I would call it an acquired taste. I’m passing it around and eating it myself as we speak and everyone here is in love with it.

So without further ado, the product:



Apparently it’s diabetic friendly, gluten free, dairy free, etc. There are 15g of fat and 200 calories in 5 pieces. All I know is, it’s delicious.

I purchased this bag of Tru Chocolate at a discounted rate in exchange for my product review.

I’d always wanted to try a copy cat recipe for Cracker Barrel’s famous “Coke Cake”. I finally got around to it because I had to test out this Viva Labs organic cacao powder.
I’m happy with the powder and happy with both the cake and frosting turn out.

cacao powder

This recipe isn’t really for beginners with a bit of technique being required but with my easy to follow instructions here, anyone should be able to pull it off.
Warning: this was NOT an arthritis friendly recipe. My hands, wrists, arms and shoulders are feeling the effort mixing this recipe took and my back is feeling the time spent standing for the prep work.
That said, the finished product is pretty delicious so I’d call it: worth it!

Here’s a pic of what I’m enjoying, as I am writing this up for you:

Here’s what you’ll need, ingredients-wise to start:


1/2 cup Butter
1/2 cup Vegetable Oil
1 cup Coca-Cola
2 cup Sugar
2 cup Flour
2 Eggs
3/4 cup Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
1 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 cup Buttermilk (or 1/2 cup Milk and 1 tsp Lemon Juice)
2 tsp Vanilla


3 cups powdered sugar
1/2 cup Butter
1/4 cup Coca-Cola
1/2 cup Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
1/4 cup Chocolate Syrup
1 tsp Vanilla

*This is absolutely not my own recipe – it is posted on various copycat sites.

Here’s what I did…

I started out by getting all the ingredients measured out and ready:

Make the cake:

Bring the butter, oil and coke to a boil in a large sauce pan.
When dumped in together (once the butter melted) they looked like this:

It only took a few minutes over medium heat to boil.

As you can see, it wasn’t pretty. It gets better, trust me.
Now – I’d previously blended my 2 cups of sifted flour and 2 cups of granulated sugar together. I slowly whisked the concoction in – over the medium heat.


This will be a sticky mess- DO NOT stop moving it! Once it’s all blended together, it’ll look like this:

Remove from heat.
Add the buttermilk.

Slowly add in the cacao powder. Be careful, as it’s a very fine dust. I added in small amounts at a time, blending it well each time before adding more. I also added in the vanilla extract & baking soda at this time.
added choc off heat

In a separate container I had lightly beaten the 2 eggs.
The cake batter is likely still hot – mine was – and you don’t want to cook the eggs. I found it was too sticky to temper the eggs. So I transferred it to a bowl out of the hot pan and let it sit for a little bit while I preheated the oven (350 degrees) and prepared the frosting. (Frosting instructions below.)

Once the cake batter is cooler, I added the eggs.

Once it was well-blended, I simply scraped it into a 13 x 9 inch cake dish and baked for 30 minutes.

Cream the butter & cacao powder.
(I left the butter on the stove top while pre-heating the oven. The heat softened it quickly.)

Add in the chocolate syrup, Coke and vanilla extract.
It will be a lumpy / grainy mess – that’s okay. This will smooth out as you blend in the powdered sugar.


I beat in the sugar about a cup at a time until I achieved the sweetness and consistency I desired.


This was a little under 3 cups of the confectioner’s sugar for me.

Cracker Barrel serves it warm with vanilla ice cream.
I actually like it cold so after the cake cooled, I frosted it and I store it in the fridge. You CAN frost this cake while it’s warm.

Finished product:

In the near future, the recipe and execution steps taken in order to pull off this beautiful cake will be posted in another post.

This is a certified organic cacao powder by Viva Labs.

This powder worked awesome for this recipe – I’ll be using this going forward in any baking I do.

cacao powder\

The finished product:


I finally got around to both baking and cooking with this powder and wow – I am impressed and will never buy that Hershey’s stuff again!

I made a chocolate cake from scratch and topped it with a chocolate buttercreme icing, also from scratch so this powder was a key ingredient for both parts.

The cake batter I cooked on the stove – once I added this in, it finally looked ‘normal’. It went from questionable to beautiful and rich. I learned that with this a little bit goes a long way as the flavor is really intense.

For the buttercream frosting, after I creamed this with butter I had a really bitter blend. I added in powder sugar until it was sufficiently sweetened and now I have the richest, most delicious chocolate frosting I’ve ever tasted.

The powder was really fresh and came in a resealable zipper bag. Super handy. Recommend and will buy this going forward.

*I received a sample of this cacao powder for free in exchange for my honest review.