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The book:

Which is #FREE July 30-31  ONLY!!



Pelican Freak’s 5-star review:



Seems professional, only a few errors noticed.


Absolutely gorgeous! If only every book were this pretty.

Character development:

So much fun! I like Vanessa and her house- yes her house- is its own character, I think- immediately. All of the book b!tches are great, I related to them all.  The town itself is another character and I quickly fell in love with the small-town vibe. There are characters to loathe, characters to root for, and characters whose books I think I’ve already predicted – overall brilliant design all around, with impressive attention to detail.

Wow. This book sucked me in fast and I immediately realized that putting it down resulted in serious separation anxiety. I missed it every second that I wasn’t in it. It was like a drug – I was trying to read it while walking around my neighborhood on errands, and while simultaneously talking to customers at work, for example. Hazardous!

This book has lots going on: there’s romance with heat. There’s new friendships with some really fun women -though I may be partial to the Book Bitches. There’s a bit of paranormal activity with some friendly ghosts that completely add to the charm of the town and every building in it. There’s history, and it’s completely real-feeling and fun and addictive – Conley should publish more Historicals, I’d read those all day. There’s also some modern-day mystery, which I’ll let you see for yourself… Definitely highly recommend this book.

I tend to predict everything, and I usually will not rate a book 5 stars unless it can manage to surprise me somewhere. However, this is a 5-star read, surprises or not. That said, there were a few little surprises /a few things that didn’t go exactly to my predictions.

I’ll be very impatiently waiting on the rest of this series and I strongly recommend giving this book a read. If you’ve never read Conley- do it. Start with this or Saving Charlie or Craze (which is free at the time of this posting).






I’ve come across some awesome coloring books lately and many have good prices so thought I’d share. Also have found some price drops on gel pens which seem to be all the rage so – here: (affiliate links).

Eparon 40-piece Gel Pen Set with 40 Unique Colors

Just $9.99 (free Prime shipping) >>>

Xtra Sparkle Glitter Gel 10 Colours Rotomac Sparkle GelPens by Rotomac

Just $3.90 shipped, (No Prime needed). >>>


Xtra Sparkle Glitter Gel 10 Colours Xtra Sparkle Gel Pen by Flair

Just $3.75 shipped (No Prime needed). >>>


LolliZ Gel Pens – 100 Unique Colors Gel Pen Tray Set

Just $13.99 (Shipped free with Prime). >>>



Art of Coloring Disney Princess: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation (Art Therapy)

$7.00 >>>>

Art of Coloring Disney Frozen: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation (Art Therapy)

$7.00 >>>


Art of Coloring: Disney Villains: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation

$7.00 >>>


The Dr. Seuss Coloring Book

This one’s my favorite! It’s $11.18 shipped with Prime >>>


The Disney Dreams Collection Original Art by Thomas Kinkade Coloring Book

$9.20, shipped with Prime. Is a pre-order. >>>


Color the Classics: Beauty and the Beast: A Deeply Romantic Coloring Book

$9.57 shipped with Prime >>>


It’s Color Time! (DreamWorks Trolls) (Adult Coloring Book)

$11.02 shipped with Prime >>>

I’m here to share one of my favorite gel pen sets with you. This set of 40 by Art-N-Fly has been great.

Lately, I’ve enjoyed coloring with gel pens so I’m burning through them quickly and as a result I’ve tested several sets. Some of them only come half full, others bleed or are scratchy if they work at all.

If you’re looking for a set that writes smooth, doesn’t bleed through the pages, doesn’t leak and shows up nice and full, I recommend this one.

At just $19.99, it’s priced lower than some of the other sets I’ve tried that don’t work as well. No nonsense – comes in a thin, plastic container. It’s soft plastic, so it’s not something I’d reuse, but it’s served me well for storing this set.

The glitter pens are really glittery, and so – gorgeous. The neons are bright and glow in the blacklight. All 40 of them work well and have a smooth flow. Great for writing, also fine for coloring in detailed areas, etc.

I received this set at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. When it runs out, I’ll likely re-purchase this one as it’s proven reliable.


This was one of my favorite reads ever. So this is just a super quick post to share that it’s on sale, temporarily.
Today, it’s on #sale for .99!
#witches #paranormal #scifi #anthology #fantasy #halloween
Get it here:

I’ve been stumbling onto some insanely low prices, some just mark downs and others with coupons so I’ve decided to do another post sharing some of my finds. (Amazon links are affiliate links.)


Lysol Toilet bowl cleaner – TWO PACK – $2.80 after coupon:

KLEENEX  (3pack, ultra strong) – $4.70 shipped, no coupon:

CASCADE pods, 60-count.  $10.29 after $1 coupon. JUST  .17 per load! :

There’s a $2 coupon on TIDE PODS here:

103 oz DOWNEY for just $8 shipped:


Just $1.12 for OLD EL PASO Taco shells:

$2.72 for Frosted Mini Wheats:

Same price for the BLUEBERRY, here:



Regular-sized boxes of poptarts, chocolate, red velvet, etc. $1.32

STARBURSTS – large bag. $1.84

12-pack of Combos  3.70



CREST 2pack, with SCOPE  2.97

OLD SPICE body wash – $3

$5 off VENUS razors:

36-count TAMPAX PEAR, $6

18-count TAMPAX – $3



Super low prices in celebration of the Pantry’s 2-year anniversary.

LINDT TRUFFLES – $1.41 / bag!! HOT


White coconut:

Dark Chocolate / caramel / sea salt:

Intense Orange:

A touch of sea salt:

Chili dark chocolate:


See them all HERE:


OF course – these were just highlights.
See ALL Prime Pantry coupons here:


A few s&s deals I’ve taken advantage of myself :

6pack Kleenex, $8


Delicious-smelling shower gel / doubles as bubble bath. $2.54 shipped


3pack of Lysol wipes for just $5 shipped after 25% off coupon!



As always, let me know if there’s anything in particular you’re looking for & I’ll do my best to find it and find a good price. 🙂