The book:



Pelican Freak’s 4.5-star review:


I like the cover; it’s fitting and not like every other cover out there.


This book is neat, no distractions. Well-formatted.

Character Development:

Pretty perfect; the characters are likable and while there are SO many of them, they do all have their own unique voices so keeping track is easy. They’re all true to themselves, the continuity is perfect. Gretchen is really great at character design. Complex characters.

Overall / Plot:

This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time… while it’s vague enough that you don’t know exactly what’s going on, you know everything the protagonists know and you’re not left in the dark. The reader gets to guess/ play detective along with the characters. It’s exciting, fast-paced and has some really great relationships and reality all worked into it.

Definitely left me needing more, and had a cliffhanger effect to it but Book 2 is already out so no complaints. I’d give this 4 to 4.5 stars.