Volume 2 of Coloring Under the Covers, which allows you to Color for a Cure is almost here!!

I am so excited about this coloring book! It features some of my favorite authors and benefits a great cause. It’ll feature the following authors, and more!

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Welcome to the world of Coloring under the Covers: Volume 2…

Do you enjoy reading and getting to know the authors who create your fictional worlds? Use this coloring book to fulfill your artistic side and relax while adding to your “To Be Read” list. Meet the authors you know and discover new ones.

Take this coloring book to events—have the author sign their page, color the cover, then pick up the e-book or the paperback and see what all the fuss is about.

With easy-to-follow QR links to the books with our featured covers, as well as the authors’ websites, this is the ultimate reference for the “must read” books of the year.

Be on the lookout for future volumes as you color for a cause. Each volume will help support a different charity each quarter.

Coloring under the Covers … accept no substitutes.

With no further ado:



Proceeds will benefit the Rose