The product:




Historically, I’ve used the single cable clips – the double are an excellent upgrade. I use them as the product picture demonstrates – with both of my computers and they cut down a ton of cable nonsense.  This way – with the double clips, I can more easily keep track of both ends.

I also use these for earbuds. I keep a set near everywhere I sit and one near bed. The double cable clip makes for less of a choking hazard when I fall asleep with my earbuds in, as I can tuck in the excess and keep it more together, so I’ve had less of a problem with wrapping it around myself!

They’re soft and the wires pop right in and out. The backs are sticky so they can be planted anywhere – OR used loosely of course, like I do for the one in bed.
It’s just one of those things that takes some of the aggravation out of life. I’d definitely recommend these if you’re in need of cable clips, as they’re sturdy and arthritis friendly and working well for me.

5 out of 5 stars.