I was provided with several of the most adorable pairs of kids’ socks, in exchange for my honest review.

They are super soft and comfortable and I wish they’d fit me.
The colors are really bold – even post wash & dry, so that’s really fun too.
The little ones seem to be drawn to the designs – personally I’m not a fan of bugs, but even the bugs on these socks have been “cute-ified” and seem to be popular in my family.

They’re all great: cars, dinosaurs, trucks, stripes, froggies, bugs, etc.

I only wish there were more because everyone seems to want all of them.
They’re a good fit and I love that they’ve got the grippy things on the bottom – they’re perfect or little ones who aren’t totally steady on their feet yet. The “non skid” really means non-skid.

I’d give these 5 out of 5 stars, I wouldn’t change a thing.

The product:



By Baby Walkers!