I’ve only had this dreamcatcher for a short time – Hubby snapped it up promptly on its arrival. I noticed that it’s really well made. No feather shedding or otherwise shedding or falling apart – no matter how much I handled it. It was folded up, wrapped in plastic and included a cute little purple mesh gift bag. The gift bag is a nice touch – but the dreamcatcher absolutely will not fit in it.
As for whether or not it works- obviously: subjective and a bit soon to determine. At this point, our lack of bad dreams for the past several nights could be coincidence.
Either way, it looks cool. It’s well made. I’m able to tug on it and still no breakage or rips. I’m happy with it.
It’s listed as handmade, and I haven’t found anything to contradict this – the detail is good and it’s nice and tightly wrapped.
I received this dreamcatcher for free in exchange from my honest review. 
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