I’ve just been to the product page and discovered that this is listed at only $20.00 on #sale – and it’s eligible for Prime shipping and free One-Day shipping.

(Mine was provided at a discount in exchange for honest evaluation.)

I recently picked this up for Hubby and watching his face as he opened it and then studied the features was like Christmas! He immediately tore into it – so he could get it all customized for himself.

We were pleased to discover it included everything it needs and then some – the remote, the batteries (2 sets!).  The body is interchangeable, the tires are huge and this thing runs over anything and up walls.

It’s a hit and I can see why. The one we got is green accented. We did not choose the color, though they all seem to look cool.  Great for kids – big kids included.

It’s easy to control – usually I suck at these, but even I can do this one.

My favorite thing is watching the cat interact with it  – even if I didn’t have a kid-brained husband, I think for the twenty bucks, I’d invest in this for a cat toy! It’s sooo entertaining. The look on her face, and the moves she makes.(We may be strapping a camera to it to see what the cat does with it when we’re not looking.)Harmless entertainment :).

It’s also durable. The independent suspension truly works and the tires are truly treaded well. It is just sooooo cool. Pretty sure I won’t be getting much else done until the novelty of this wears off!

Hubby tells me that he doesn’t expect this much from a 1/18 scale so I suspect it’s better than other things on the market.

http://amzn.to/1THn6Xx   < More info.