This is a Hidden Hearts Novel, Book #2, by Mary Crawford.



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“You were the answer to a prayer I never even knew I had.”


I instantly take this book’s MC, Jessica as she seems not too much younger than myself, she’s in Florida but not from there – and I just am able to relate to her. She’s very personable, and very down to earth.
As the book goes on and she finds Hope, my heart just goes out to Hope but I’m relieved that Jessica reacts much in the same way I would and I’m hooked. Her first encounter with Mitch has me thinking he’s kind of a d— but as I get to know him better, I warm up to him. We all have bad days; he really isn’t a bad guy.
Either way, the characters are pretty well developed. In the moment we initially meet Hope, in just a couple of simple lines, I am instantly reminded of everything I love about dogs – the descriptive is consistently brilliant this way. The rest is kind of a rocky road, paved with some drama, some conflict, even some crime – and of course romance – so it’s a jam-packed, fun ride and I recommend this read.


The gorgeous formatting that serves as eye candy never hurts!