There are some really great coupons available right now, and some really great prices they can be stacked with so I thought I’d share some of the really hot Prime Pantry deals I’ve found here.


3pack of Lysol wipes for a total of 240-count!

Clip the 25% off coupon, get these for just $7.07 in the Prime Pantry.


Lays chips:

Just $3.15 in the Prime Pantry!
HUGE bag- my local supermarkets get $5-$6 for this size, if they carry them at all.

Assorted flavors avail.

Kettle Cooked chips – assorted flavors, under $3 per bag!



A 4-pack of Kraft EasyMac for just $2.57 after you clip the coupon:


SUPER cheap BAKING SUPPLIES… here are a few I found:


Just $1.19 after the 20% off coupon:

Jet-Puffed Marshmellows:

Just $1.57 after the 20% off coupon:

BAKERS Secret, semi-sweet after the 20% off coupon ONLY .92!!

Or the unsweetened for $1.80:

KRAFT caramel bits for just $2.16:

Lots of Jell-O flavors starting at just .95!! After the 20% off coupon!!


Strawberry Banana:


Black Cherry:

Cherry Lemonade:

Fruit Punch:


Melon Fusion:

Also several Jell-O puddings starting at just .76 when you clip the 20% off coupon!

Cookies & Cream:



Banana Cream:

PASTA RONI products (assorted flavors) as low as .84 each! When you clip the 15% off coupon.


Honey Nut #Cheerios for just $2.99 after .50 coupon:

Old El Paso products as low as, .86 after the 15% off coupon. See the selection here:


Annie’s Organic snacks as low as $1.23 after the 15% off coupon. Selection here:


Arm & Hammer Laundry detergent, Just $6.99 for 150 ounces after the $1 coupon!!


Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner – 2pack just $2.79 after the 25% off coupon:


FIBER ONE products are 15% off when you clip the coupon here:


FINISH DISHWASHER TABS, 60 count just $6.74 after the 25% off coupon:


KNORR sides, as low as .45 after the .50 coupon:


Take $1.00 off select DOVE for MEN products here:


Get Spray N Wash pre-treatment for just $2.55: OR if you prefer RESOLVE, it’s just $3.11:


Loads of other deals, see the PRIME PANTRY COUPONS that are currently avail here:

Below isn’t #PrimePantry, it’s #Subscribe&Save:

Case of the #Cottonelle clean flushable wipes for just $11.55 after you clip the $1 coupon. I usually pay $12-$14 for this item, even when it’s on sale. This is a ROCK BOTTOM, #STOCKPILE price!