I’m pretty stoked to have received a couple of #freesamples of the new #GilletteVenus Venus Swirl from @Influenster. It’s got 5 blades and the extra blades really do make a difference.

I often put off shaving because I’m lazy… but then I’ll get sick of myself all not smooth and so I #ChoosetoSmooth and I’ve had the, A weedwacker might be more effective thoughts – haven’t we all. The Venus Swirl though really works well, and I was excited to discover NO CUTS!


It also contours… I was recently admiring Hubby’s new razor, and whining about how men get all the “cool” products, and then I realized that MINE DOES IT TOO. So I get to have one that’s pretty AND practical.. always a win in my book.

I received a #free Venus Swirl in my #GlamVoxBox from @Influenster, in exchange for my honest review.