These adult coloring books seem to have become all the rage and I’m not gonna lie to you; I never stopped coloring. Sure, I’m digging the “adult” coloring books with their intricate lines and curse words, but before they came around, I had no problems coloring in “kids” coloring books. I’ll bust out my My Little Pony and Garfield and Snoopy coloring pages for you some day. Gotta love that Crayola Big Box!

Labeling books “adult” opens them up to more than just teeny tiny little lines though. We are now able to purchase “Sweary” coloring books and – there is just something inherently satisfying about kicking back with some sparkly pens and a big ole ‘cunt’ or ‘fuckwit’ to color!

Get it or see it here :

The pages have are great, the pen isn’t going through them. I painted in one- just water colors – and had no leakage. I’ve used Mr. Sketch markers on another – no going through.

I was provided with a free sample of Sweary Book 1 in exchange for my honest evaluation/review – and I’ve been having a really good time with it, combined with my “metallic glass markers” (they work on paper, too) and glittery, metallic and neon gel pens.

See for yourself!

I’ve been sharing my work on my social media pages as I go and tons of my friends seem to be picking this book up – nothing generates conversation like neon cunt pages, sparkly assholes and, in my case, making the word ‘fuckwit’ your profile pic. 🙂 ‘Cause I’m classy like that.


I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.