So I have lots of socks that are wool blends and they are my most comfortable. When this deal came around, for these 100% wool socks, I jumped on it.  (I’ve got the grey/black.)


Wow are they comfy!
They go up over the ankle to mid-calf. I work from home so I spend all my days in comfy pajama pants and socks… these are the most comfortable socks I’ve ever discovered!! I did wear them with sneakers to run some errands and my feet got overheated fast – It was in the low 70’s. I live in Central Florida so I doubt I’ll wear them out of the house very often but around the house, it’s like my feet are resting inside little personal foot clouds.

They do need to be hand-washed but I’m about as lazy as it gets and that hasn’t been a problem for me either. So, I highly recommend these.

*I did receive these at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.