I wanted to share my review of this entire series. It was amazingly well done and it has stayed with me to this day.

J.A. Howell’s writing is flawless, hilariously accurate at times and even with the paranormal tendencies, can feel very true to life.

The Series:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XM0YBEG

Pelican Freak’s 5-star Review:

🔹I can never say enough about this entire series – the only downfalls to it are:
1. That it ended.
2. I missed a few days while I read this. It is so crack-like that I put life on hold to see how this all panned out.

My reviews as follows:

Book 1
5 stars

Just when I was beginning to get bored with reading, due to several weeks of books that I did not enjoy this pulled me back in. When I realized I was growing bored with reading, I felt like this would be the author to change that and WOW was I right!! I started this when I was supposed to be going to bed ‘soon’, hours later I’d moved onto Book 2 in this series as I now have a new addiction. I’m now sleep deprived but it’s totally worth it.

Completely unable to put this book down I was addicted to the small town lifestyle, the lovable characters, the drama … this book has it all by the way. A few different kinds of drama, mystery, murder, a hint of romance, a bit of steamy, even some paranormal activity. I’ll never be able to say enough for this book or do it justice. It is truly the best book I’ve read in awhile and one of the best books I’ve ever read.

Harley is a strong woman – so young and really doesn’t put up with much. It may seem that way at first but … well… she doesn’t – you’ll see what I mean when you read this. She falls into a new group of friends when she starts over and they too are all brilliantly designed. I’ve been down sick and if only I’d discovered this series sooner, I bet I wouldn’t even have noticed feeling crappy.

🔹The Untimely Death of Brody Walsh
Book 2
5 stars
Another impossible-to-put-down read by J.A. Howell. After reading Possess (The Possess Saga Book 1) in one session, unable to put it down, I launched right into this one. While Book 1 does wrap up fairly well, I just had to have more of these characters. This novella is a great look at the group of friends prior to all of the tragedy that struck; a lot of the why’s of the events are explained here and there is such great camaraderie amongst these very well designed characters.

Overall the book is well imagined and well written. I could never get enough of the small-town feel, these characters and this little Possess Saga world in general – it is a very addictive series and it reads really quickly. There is still a lot of mystery going on in this book, and there is some drama and lots of action. Howell does a great job of portraying a small Maine town.

It went as I suspected it to, but do not mistake my predictions for boredom. This is a highly addictive series and I’ll likely be putting my life on hold to keep going.

🔹Possess My Heart
Book 3
5 stars
Yet another book that I couldn’t bring myself to put down. After plowing through the first 2 books in this series and half of this one, I had to force myself to get some sleep! This installment of the Possess Saga was just as addictive as the first two despite the fact that I predicted all of it. I have this annoying habit of predicting just about everything – I do not hold this against the stories unless they’ve been done before. While I felt I knew what would happen, I was still unable to put this book down as I was completely sucked into their drama. In this installment, we are introduced to even more characters. Some lovable and maybe one I love to dislike. It also expands on some of the other characters we’d already met in the first 2 installments. Harley, though her part is small in this one, manages to shine through as the strong woman she is. I cannot say enough how brilliantly designed the characters in this series are. I have a strong need to continue in the series; while I do need to get back to ‘real life’, I know I won’t be getting these characters out of my mind any time soon. It’s been a long time since a book and its cast stayed with me this long or this strongly – Howell is incredibly talented.

🔹To Have & To Haunt
Book 4
5 stars
This was an amazing read. First of all, while it is Book 4 in a series and I have read along in order, one could read this book as a standalone without being lost. There is just enough backstory that it isn’t redundant for someone following the entire series, but the majority of what’s going on is new for this gang. We are treated alternately to the POV’s of Harley and Nolan; it is good to ‘hear’ Harley again as she is a very likable character and a strong woman. Some more trouble manages to find its way to her but there is a good reason for that and it’s explained in the story. While this is going on her fiance Nolan has his own personal drama to content with and each is sort of stuck in their own little worlds, neither giving full disclosure to the other. Some misunderstandings arise making for more drama which is always fun. The mother-in-law from hell adds even more emotion to this book as I just love to hate her and , well, I cannot repeat my name for her here.

This book has action, mystery/thriller/suspense going on, murder, plenty of drama both familial and couples and a bit of paranormal and as aways with Howell: humor. What I love is it’s all set in small town New England where everyone seems to know everyone adding another side to the drama. This is a super fast read as Howell is able to paint clear pictures for the reader without being too wordy. Very well developed characters that I cannot seem to get enough of.

Howell manages to work in a ton of laugh out loud parts making her books extra fun. Cross dressing, brawny guys, bets and drunken nights with hilarious consequences and just some really funny analogies. I think this series would work for fans of all genres, truly.

🔹Posses My Soul
Book 5
5 stars
My discovery of Howell’s The Possess Saga has seriously caused me to lose sleep- and I do not mean that in a bad way. I mean that in a her-writing-is-like-crack-and-I-cannot-stop sort of way. I now tell people that my crack is J.A. Howell books and I’m not even kidding.

Harley, Nolan & the gang are back and this book just starts out so ominous; I become already hooked within the first couple pages. Action, drama and paranormal activity ensue immediately, along with some mystery and it is seriously impossible to put this book down.

Before I know it, I’ve lost a day or so, while I was submerged in this book – I truly feel like I’ve just come back to reality after traveling to the small town this book is set in. Now that I’ve reached the end of the Saga, I’m not sure how I’ll go on – I miss Howell’s characters like they’re real people who left a void in my life when they left me.

Brilliantly written, realistic characters and perfect continuity are only part of what makes this whole saga a beautiful world that, despite all of the chaos and violence these people are subjected to, I actually want to be a part of. If ever you need a break from life, just escape into this Saga – I personally promise you won’t have any regrets, except maybe that it has to end some time.

The first one is #free and can be found here:   http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BUUP6DU