16-color bulb with remote.

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Pelican Freak’s 5-Star Review:

I became pretty dependent upon this light pretty quickly.
First of all it’s super easy – just screw it in like any other light bulb.
Point the remote at it if desired and choose whatever setting /combination you like.

It’s got over a dozen colors.
Red, 2 oranges, yellow, white, green, mint, about 5 different blues, 2 purples and at least 1 pink.
You can simply turn it on and let it go, the default is the “smooth” or “fade” – I have trouble telling the difference between the two. Both just transition through each color, one at a time, slowly.
When I’m outside, looking into my window, I’ve noticed that this one little bulb manages to turn the whole room whatever color it’s on.

It’s really bright.
It works for that awkward time where – the sun has left but it’s not pitch black out yet. So I feel like I’m saving electricity. If this is on, I just enjoy it and I can still see what I’m doing for a little while so I don’t turn on all the lights just yet.

There are other settings – with the remote you can pick any one color to keep it on.
I really like them all but there’s something about the red that excites me. I love the ambiance it gives off.

Good for working in bed too because it gives off enough light for me to see what I’m doing but not so much (as long as I don’t use white) to disrupt hubby while he sleeps.

Can also just put it on white and use the brightness up and down features on the remote as dimmers. Handy.
Strobe and flash are the other settings – both sift through all the colors but more quickly than the other settings.

Time will be the true test – as far as for how long the bulb holds up.
Mine tends to be on 24/7 – when it burns out, I’ll come back and update.

Overall, really pleased. Wouldn’t change a thing, except maybe to add a timer, but it’d just be a bonus, not a necessity.

I received this lightbulb for free in exchange for my honest review.

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Good seller. The remote didn’t work so the seller actually sent me a replacement, complete with another bulb, no questions asked.