Premium 48 Color Pencil Wrap(Pencil Not Included),Artist Canvas Pencil Wrap Pouch


So, I’ve been fortunate enough to test a couple of these pen wraps before. Both are a plain black and a bit stiff. I jumped on this one because it’s so pretty! But as it happens, it’s really soft so for me, that makes it a lot more manageable (for my gimpy, arthritic hands!).

Aside from its looks, it is practical which is of course, the more important factor. It holds 48 pencils or in my case, pens! I’ve been into coloring in some of the adult coloring books lately with their intricate lines, so I like the gel pens for this. I’ve also been really into using the glitter and metallic pens, though. GLITTER ALL THE THINGS!

Some sets come with a few of each type, like a few glitter, a few metallic, a few neon, and so on. This wrap is allowing me to keep all the various glitter and metallic pens in one place for when I just want shiny, sparkly colored pages 🙂 The string that wraps around it is plenty long enough to keep it rolled tight, I’m very pleased. It helps me to stay neat and organized.

5 out of 5 stars, for me.


*I received this canvas wrap at a deeply discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.