This tattoo machine was surprisingly good, especially considering the price, so I thought I’d share my review.

The product:
🔹Tattoo machines:
Love that the tattoo machines came with the wingnut for a tightener instead of a round knob. Obviously, this is a personal preference so you may not but Hubby prefers the wingnut since you can make minor tightening adjustments one handed on the fly.
The alignment on the assembly is perfect.

🔹Power supply cord:
It’s high quality. It is of ample length and he loves the rubber covering over the connectors because it provides grip as well as protection from ink spills. The connector ends are a bit shorter than his other ones so taking some getting used to but doable. The good thing about the shorter length is they can be disconnected quickly, and one-handed.
The power supply is lightweight compared to his other kits’ power supplies.
He likes that this one has a digital display, because he reports that you cannot always trust the analog ones to give the exact voltage since the calibration can get thrown off easily.

The tubes are standard disposable tubes. He often uses metal but this is another personal preference issue. Obviously this is something that is interchangeable.
Both the needles and the tubes arrived in standard packaging already sterilized and wrappings were all intact.
There’s a small box of steel tips as well as two grips.

The ink selection is decent, they are small bottles but that’s what I’d expect when buying a kit.

🔹Also included:
There’s a small bag of O rings included.
A bag of grommets.
He loves that there’s colors and not just all black; not really a selling point but a great bonus.
Two different sized ink caps are included – very cool. These are expensive to buy separately but other kits we’ve bought over the years have included these, but only one size. This would be a great kit for someone just starting out because they’d be able to choose between the two sizes right out of the box.
These caps have the rim around the bottom instead of the top so they rest on the table instead of sitting in a cap holder, which is another personal preference.

🔹The pedal:
He does not care for the included pedal, he uses a thicker type.
This one is long and flat and could easily be accidentally stepped on. This isn’t a big deal as he’s able to use his other pedals with these guns – it’s an easy enough thing to switch out.

There are tons of options out there for starter kits but this one is an incredible value and it’s not just about the price. There’s the assortment of supplies included as well as their quality. I’m not claiming this one to be the best but a lot of kits come with less-than-desirable-quality equipment. Most of this kit is extremely decent.

There are also two sets of cleaning brushes included and a few other small details that push this kit above a lot of the rest, quality-wise.

*I received this kit for free in exchange for my honest evaluation. 📌