I was provided with two pairs of these kitchen tongs at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.


I did some cooking overnight and these really did make a world of difference. When I first unpacked them, I just thought they were cool because they have those little feet. I can rest them instead of laying them down and making a mess… but it gets better.

They have a little lock ring so  I can effortlessly lock them open or shut. I’m finding that being able to lock them shut really helps save space when they’re not in use. Incidental to all my cooking, I baked over a pound of bacon. Normally it is such a mess, and the bacon sits there in all its grease overcooking while I tediously pluck each piece off with a fork or whatever I have around. Not any more. These tongs were freaking life-changing. Grabbed it up, several pieces at once and transferred it to the waiting paper towels and done. Saved time, frustration and more importantly, it saved the bacon.

They’ve also had no problems surviving my dishwasher. (I’ve only done top rack so far.)

I’m thrilled so 5 out of 5 stars.