People say you cannot possibly do multiple reviews in a day but…
As I sit here, I’m using a lap desk under my MacBook – it’s a review item. I’m wearing really comfy pajamas, they’re a review item. They’re thin so I layered on a hoodie, it’s a review item.
I’m drinking fizzy water out of an “unbreakable” wine glass (which I’ve been trying to break for days) that I got to review and there are stainless steel “whiskey cubes” chilling it, that I got to review.
I’m under a blanket – that I’ve reviewed in the past.
I occasionally grab my physical calendar, and I use my metallic markers (review items), neon gel pens (review items) and/or colored pencils (review items) to mark it up.
I’m next to a pile of devices – my 4 iPads, 2 Android tablets (both review items) and my iPhone and 4 different Kindles. EVERY device is in a case I got to review (except for one), some have Bluetooth keyboards I got to review, and either charging or syncing with a cable I got to review.
I’m enjoying an interesting light show, thanks to a stage light I’m in the process of evaluating.
I’m enjoying the pleasant aroma of 1 or more essential oil(s), in a new diffuser, all of which are review items.
Snacking on candy that I’m evaluating for review items.
I occasionally plug in my headphones, so I can listen to something or watch a video without being disruptive to my family – the headphones being a review item.
I just got home from an errand I wore ‘review item shoes‘ and a ‘review item sweater‘ on.
I take notes as I go – how else could I keep all my observations straight?
So while I obviously do not necessarily have any profound thoughts about all of these items at the same time, while I sit here, simultaneously using them, I do have notes all over the place (in my padfolio that I got to review, using pens I got to review, as well as in Word on my various devices) on these items that I jot down as I go and make observations.
So some day, I’ll need to take some time to compile those notes and the photos that are filling up my various devices and type them into Amazon’s review field… no one sees the behind the scenes. That doesn’t mean I’m not busy behind the scenes, legitimately testing the items. Some of these things I’ve had for weeks or months, others I just got. It doesn’t take a week to test, try to break and dishwasher a wine glass.
It doesn’t take a month to plug a cable claiming to be MFI certified into my 5 iOS devices to see which versions of iOS it works with, etc.
While I’m not “doing all these in one day”, many of them will end up
with their notes compiled and posted on amazon “on the same day”. 
Just because you cannot see the process, doesn’t mean there isn’t an honest process.
Just saying.