I put so much time into evaluating this set… and it turns out I am loving this brand’s oils more than other brands, so I thought I’d share this review here as well.

The product:



Pelican Freak’s 4-star Review:

This is a nice little set – I would recommend it as a gift to someone who loves or wants to try out using essential oils, or to a beginner because there are some great scents here, some of which blend well with each other and this combination would be a great starting point.

🔷What’s Included:
🔹Gift quality box.
🔹10 ml bottle of Cedar Wood Essential Oil.
🔹10 ml bottle of Frankincense Essential Oil.
🔹10 ml bottle of Peppermint Essential Oil.
🔹10 ml bottle of Eucalyptus Essential Oil.
🔹10 ml bottle of Lavender Essential Oil.
🔹10 ml bottle of Bergamot Essential Oil.

🔷The Presentation:
I give the presentation 4 stars. No price stickers or tags or any kind were included on any of the packaging.
The bottles are crammed into to a nice, sturdy black box and the company put a kind of classy looking wrap around it.
Could totally be shipped directly to recipient as is. The box might be good to reuse as a gift, if you’re one of those. It’s kind of too annoying to store all the oils in it as they barely fit and I have to fight them all in there. But great for presentation purposes and sturdy.

🔷Now to the important stuff – the oils! 🔷
First of all, there isn’t a ton of information available on how they’re pressed. They claim to be 100% pure and I am not disputing that, based on how they smell, feel and diffuse. More information would be helpful but… I am fond of these ones. The smells are on par with other brands and are fresher, better than many other brands I’ve tested.

🔹Cedar Wood
I’ve tested cedarwood by several brands, this is generally a very nice, woodsy scent.
This one is intense – as oils usually are. 🙂 It’s pretty yummy and kind of warm-woodsy. This one smells awesome as a standalone but also blends nicely. I’ll post a couple of my ‘recipes’ below, in case you’re interested. I’m a fan of this one.

I’ve tested a lot of brands’ Frankincense and this one is actually by far, my favorite so far. The smell is incredible. I’m trying to figure out a way to describe it for you though.. it’s not easy… this one smells .. fresh, a little bit fruity and… it either smells like or reminds me of – I cannot pinpoint it- chalky candy, like conversation hearts, etc. I cannot stop sniffing this one! It is making me question some of my Frankincense from other brands though, as they smell more floral and not like this one. At any rate – it blends nicely with a lot of other scents and also works nicely as a standalone in my diffuse. I actually had a migraine when I started inspecting this one and inhaling it somehow seemed to help. Not sure if that’s a coincidence, I’ve got to explore this potential use for it further. Huge fan of this one.

I’m a huge fan of peppermint oil ever since I incidentally discovered that breathing it in relieves chest pain and even helps with coughing. I’m someone who is always sick and nothing helps me once I get that awful barking-harbor-seal cough. It inevitably turns into pneumonia and I chest pain as I cough for months on end… that said, some of them smell just very strongly of a vague mint, while other brands smell to me, like a candy cane, with a sweetness. I like the ones with a hint of sweetness, as I feel they’re easier to take! That said, this one isn’t a vague mint smell. I like it better than most other peppermint EOs I’ve tried. It does have a sweetness to it, but it’s subtle. To me, this feels more natural. It IS soothing on my chest when I breathe it in. It’s a little intense to diffuse solo. I use this one for relief – by sniffing the bottle – or I occasionally blend it in the diffuser. If I want my home to smell like Christmas, I will blend it with cinnamon or pine or both. 🙂 I approve of this one. Yummy!

Eucalyptus oil isn’t my favorite – because it’s super intense, even diffused. However it does have a lot of medicinal uses and I do use it for respiratory wellness. I’ve tested one other brand’s version of Eucalyptus oil – this one is less intense, just as medicinal and more fresh than the other. The other brand is hard to take.. this one has a distinct freshness about it that actually makes it easier to take. I’ll be using this one in my respiratory blends from now on (my ‘recipe’ below).

I really cannot say enough about the lavender. Lavender is a favorite scent of mine so I’m already coming in pretty happy.
However this one smells a bit… less soapy / more fresh than some of the other brands I use. When it comes to Lavender Essential Oil, I use whatever brands I can get my hands on. I use a ton of this. I put a few drops in every bath I take; somehow the scent lingers on my skin and in my hair, no matter how much I wash after. I use it on my nightstand diffuser for more sound sleeping. I use it in many blends. This one, I approve of for the freshness that it has to it when I sniff it.

This one just plain smells amazing. I love bold, citrus scents. I like this one blended with other like scents as it makes my home smell very tropical. Goes nicely with grapefruit. But it also goes nicely with some of the floral scents and with lavender and with lemongrass. This one smells awesome on its own. When I diffuse it alone or with other citruses, hubby comments “it smells like fruit loops”, usually. I think it smells like a fruity, girlie drink. Either way we like it. As far as how this one compares to other brands… it smells more pure to me than the other brand I have.

Overall, I’m a fan of all 6 of these oils, all for their own reasons/ uses.

🔷 A couple of my favorite recipes:
5 drops Frankincense
5 drops Myrrh
5 drops Cedarwood
10 drops orange or sweet orange
The result smells like the NECCO candy factory in Charleston,MA.

🔷 Respiratory blend:
2 drops Peppermint oil
1 drop Eucalyptus EO
1 drop Rosemary EO
2-3 drops of Lemon EO
The result isn’t pleasant but does help with coughing and stuffiness.

I hope this has been helpful, but if not feel free to contact me or leave questions/comments.
Thanks for stopping by.

I was fortunate enough to have received this set of 6 EOs for free in exchange for my honest review. 📌