The product:

Baby Foot Mask – Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Calluses and Hello to Soft, Beautiful Feet in Just 7 Days – Salon Quality Foot Peel Mask at Home

Pelican Freak’s 5-star review (link below includes full review w/ pics)

I’m now enjoying soft feet – after having tested this product. I’m absolutely amazed and below is an honest account of my experience!

Day 1:
First impressions / experience while putting the actual peel on:
The foot booties are ginormous and completely soaked with chemicals. As I understand it, only the bottoms and maybe sides of bottoms of the feet would need this but there’s no way to not have the entire foot, ankle and a bit of leg submerged in the chemicals for the duration of the treatment.

(Add-in post treatment – apparently the tops of my feet, ankles and legs benefited from the treatment as well!)

Also the instructions say to peel off the plastic, after the booties are on and to secure the booties. There is no way to do this. The plastic is one with the chemical pads – at least for my set. I tried peeling and the only way to do this involved actual ripping –i.e. destruction of the product so I definitely spent part of my day chilling with my feet wrapped in plastic.

I’m not sure if my set was missing anything or not but there was no way to secure the booties – they are large so they just hung there – until I put socks on over them. I’d recommend doing this anyway and the instructions do too.

I’d recommend sitting down to do this when you can just sit for a couple hours – because walking in these doesn’t seem safe or comfortable at all. Also, it’s a bit noisy. ‘

The chemicals are intense – the smell is strong and unpleasant. I often have reactions to most chemicals but was surprised to learn that the foot peels didn’t bother me.
I was able to easily tolerate this treatment for two hours. I didn’t experience any discomfort, etc as I thought I might from the chemicals.
Once done, I simply removed the booties and rinsed my feet.

I went about life as usual for days 2-7. A fair amount of walking and playing tourist in Central Fl and a fair amount of sitting around.
I did soak my feet – not daily though during this time.

Days 2-3:
No change noted. Feet still rough.

Days 4-6:
Feet are not only still rough but scratchy, like rougher than they started out.
A bit itchy.

Day 7:
I noticed the skin on my feet seemed to be sloughing off- I’m a picker so I ended up peeling much of it off. To my amazement – it came right off. No tugging or pain of any kind. It wanted to come off. I felt like a reptile shedding my skin. Not attractive but productive.
After I’d clear a large section, the skin underneath would be soft and pink! I felt like I was on the right track.

Days 8-9:
Ended up peeling off the rest of my dead skin.
I now have baby soft feet. WOW.

This is SO MUCH easier than everything else I’ve ever tried to achieve soft feet.
I’ve used those ped eggs – not painless. Not arthritis-friendly – never again.
I’ve used callous removers- but after the initial usage, they aren’t super effective. I’d never get my feet totally soft doing this.

This seems to be the most economic as well. Buy the one-use foot peel. Use it and about a week or so – feet are beautiful (well as much as feet can be).

It can be a bit labor intensive. You do have to be able to contort your body and spend some time pulling away the dead skin.
Cannot have a weak stomach – some people, I imagine cannot handle all the dead skin. 🙂
You won’t look attractive for about a week or so- for sandals / flip flops. This is minor for me but maybe important to some?

I’d love to be able to buy this chemical- or the equivalent treatment for other problem areas.

As I write this / compile it from my test journal, my feet feel soft. There is no itchyness. Prior to this treatment my feet would get itchy and drive me INSANE.
I will totally do this as often as needed just for the non-itchy feet. I’m sold.

Since the cons are super minor to me- 5 stars.
What I’d change about this product?
I’d make the instructions more conducive to what is actually in the box.
In addition to the discrepancies I already mentioned, it told me to use a certain foot lotion after this treatment but didn’t include it and I have no idea what product it was actually trying to recommend.

Would include some sort of stickers or something to sort of clasp the booties onto the feet.
Overall really pleased.
Wish it was a 2-3 pack for future treatments, but no big deal. Will buy again.

*I received this foot peel at a discount in exchange for my honest review.