I’m loving this bracelet and at the time of this posting, it’s only listed at $13 so I thought I’d share the #review here.

I’ve already gotten lots of compliments on it, the short time I’ve had it.

See it here:


Comes in various colors, but I’m partial to the green in this case.


Pelican Freak’s 5-star review:

I’m really enjoying this bracelet…

I’ve got it in green and – it’s much different than the product pictures.
The product photos make it look rather dull … and with Tiger’s Eye beads, they cannot all be exactly the same.
(That’s another thing I love about this bracelet – I imagine there isn’t another one exactly like it.)

Mine – the beads are a vivid, jade green. Gorgeous.
Love the little buddha bead – super cute.
It’s supposed to promote luck… I cannot speak for that but it looks great, especially paired with another bracelet that’s silver, preferably.

Came in a nice box with a silky inlay for it as well. Good deal, at the time of this listing it’s $13.

*I received this pretty bracelet for free in exchange for my honest review. 📌