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Aodhan sat up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily. Realising he had been dreaming, he groaned and put a hand to his head, closing his eyes. The bright chinks of sunlight peeping through his window speared into his eyes, temporarily blinding him.
Yawning, he pulled the twisted covers from around his legs, still trying to shake off the cold chill of his dream. He must have been moving about a lot during the night, which was why he was so tangled up in the heavy fabrics. He swung his legs over the side of his bed, and sat there for a second, resting his hands on the mattress. It squeaked as he stood up and stretched, reaching over for his jeans.
The old stairs out on the landing creaked beneath his weight as he made his way downstairs. The staircase looked much the same as the hallway, the same patterned wallpaper continuing up the stairs.
Padding across the floor in his bare feet, Aodhan crossed to the front door, stooping to pick up the local paper that had been pushed through his letterbox. He passed through into his kitchen, the early morning sunlight streaming in through the 1930’s style French doors, glinting off the brass handles. The dirty laminate tops were even worse in the bright light.
Clicking the kettle on, Aodhan shuffled over to his kitchen table and scraped a chair out, sitting down on it heavily. Blinking to clear away any sleep, he unfolded the paper, shaking it to even out the creases.
His eyes widened as he scanned the headline on the front page.
Groaning, he sank his head into his hands. He thought he had been careful. He didn’t think anyone would come across it, at least for a while. They hadn’t found his last two ‘cases’, so he didn’t think they would find this one. Obviously he was being watched.
That meant he hadn’t finished the case.