The Book:

Pelican Freak’s 5-Star Review:


“I have killed creatures and men. I have found terrible powers within me and met people and things who should never be but are.”

When I stumbled upon this quote, deep into this epic read, I felt that it summarized a bit of Areenna’s journey but might also serve to intrigue anyone who reads it and hasn’t yet read this book… I share it here because it just jumped out at me as so… fitting.

I’m not usually a reader of epic journeys, fantasy or sci-fi type reads but this book makes me think maybe I should be.
First of all – it does take place in the future but … it’s not one of these far-fetched futuristic deals. There is a very reasonable explanation for how the state of things came to be this way , including but not exclusively limited to our actual current state of affairs with the religious war / terrorism situation that we unfortunately seem to have going on.

There is a journey involved and without posting any spoilers – it is as much about discovering oneself as it is the main characters carrying out their task to save their people.
I become so lost in this world – I still miss it, having finished this book a few weeks ago. It stayed with me more than most. Some books you just want to devour while others devour you… this one definitely devoured me for the duration – I cannot say enough.

If you’re looking for a brief escape, it’s right here.