The Tiger Always Eats Last: A John Webster Novel Book 4, by Joel Mark Harris

The Book:


Pelican Freak’s 5-Star Review:

Investigative Journalist John Webster is back and this time he’s managed to witness a gory murder… he is unable to let go and stays on the case despite his doctor recommending he back of after it takes a toll on his health.

The toll on his health might be greater than he thinks… Naturally being an investigative reporter has some drawbacks and causes one to make enemies along the way…

Webster is a brilliantly complex character – he bounces between doing anything it takes to get the story, lying and scheming to showing a human side, struggling with what he does and empathizing with the victims. In one instant, it’s easy to hate him and in the next he’s totally likable and I’m rooting for him. While he comes off as kind of … an ass at times – deep down he does seem good so there is a desire to see him persevere.

His penchant for getting himself into trouble always makes for a fascinating read. He seems to make friends easily and enemies more easily – reading this series is never dull. One could read in or out of order – each is its own adventure.
Highly recommend this series to anyone who likes mystery… or action…

it’s very fast-paced and doesn’t require a massive time investment.