The Product:
Womens Cape Batwing Tassels Poncho Winter Warm Cloak Coat Knitwear by @Bienvenu


Love love love this –
I’ve never owned or worn a poncho, shall- anything like this.
This looked warm and cozy and I was offered it at a discount so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Wow – I am glad I did, I have been living in it since it got here.
It is just so soft and comfortable.
Slip right on over other clothes for an added layer or just wear around the house over comfy tank top, etc.
(I wouldnt cook/clean in this but for Netflix and chill it is super cozy).

You should be warned that mine is a little unlike that picture though -color/ print wise.
It’s actually really pretty, has sequins worked into it so it kinda sparkles. I love it.

Pics included, from the front and from the side. It isn’t particularly flattering but I don’t think it’s unflattering either.
Just serves a purpose.

*I received this poncho at a deeply discounted rate in exchange for honest review.