The product:

I’m really surprised … I agreed to test these ,figuring I’d then end up letting my husband snatch them as he’s a total audiophile.
However, I’m keeping these babies a secret 😉 and keeping them for myself. I may even pick up another pair to stick in his stocking as – they’re awesome.

For the price, ($12 at the time of this review) I wasn’t expecting much – the same could be said for the size. They’re tiny!!
See my pics to judge for yourself.

What impressed me off the bat was – wow – these really do focus on the bass.
I purposely listened to some songs that aren’t known for their bass and I was pleasantly surprised to hear them with their bass accented. Not so much that it was annoying -it was done perfectly.

I then listened to some heavier songs to see how they handled them -and – they passed the test again.

I’m now listening to everything with these because I am in love with the sound quality and what these do with the bass.
They make all the various kinds of music I like sound great (mostly rock, some indie stuff and a tiny bit of top 40, as well as some showtunes).

What I also love about these is how tiny they are.
I have chronic ear pain and do not usually do well with earbuds – however these are tiny and have even tinier tips than most so I’m able to comfortably keep these in for a couple hours.

Another thing that surprised me, due to the low price – was the accessories.
These came with 3 spare sets of tips, all different sizes. A hard, zip around case that is well made and has a mesh pocket inside.
A cleaning cloth.
Even a mini carabiner – handy.

I love the blue and the flat cable because, I’ve found that it really doesn’t tangle.
I love that these are NOT bluetooth, as I’ve had bad luck with bluetooth devices lately and I’m sick of worrying about charging them.

The only thing I’d change about these:
The volume control is placed really stupidly. It’s so that when they’re in my ears, it’s way up in front of my face.
I’d redesign these and fix that, if it were up to me.

Overall: 4.5 stars.

*I received these earbuds for free in exchange for my honest review.

My photos can be seen here: