The Book:

Much like Book 1 in this series, “The Devil’s Fool”, it is a roller coaster ride of emotions like love, warm/fuzzies, worry, fight/action, etc. and a super addicting world. However the book needs an editor badly.

Highly recommend if things like poor grammar don’t drive you crazy.

Pelican Freak’s 3-star review:

I promptly read this after wrapping up The Devil’s Fool by the same author (Book 1 in this series).
Book 1, while poorly edited told a story that absolutely left me wanting more. This one was similar in that regard.

Honestly – reading this series has me confused.
The story is amazing and I’m so glad that McClellan took the time to put it together and bring it to us, as readers! It really is brilliant and thought-provoking at times. What confuses me is the seeming lack of caring that goes into her novels.

Book 1 in this series – what I had to say about it was this : “It’s a good book that with the right editor could be great.”
The same could be said for this one but an editor isn’t all that’s needed here – an author that cares about what she’s putting out is also needed. I say this because there were a few things that screamed out ‘lack of effort’ in reading this one.

The book does pick up where Book 1 left off – so in the beginning it flows perfectly! However as it goes on, there are times that contradict this action. The book opens right where Fool left off but then… a bit into it it’s implied that some time has passed. Which is it?
Continuity issues are more abundant in this one – little things that either aren’t well explained or are completely changed from when they were mentioned previously.
Poor grammar throughout the book – much like its predecessor. That did distract from the reading experience -this is sad because the story is amazing and magical and completely deserves the reader’s full attention.
The biggest thing that made me feel as though the author doesn’t exert a ton of effort – and if this detail were not accompanied by the others I’ve pointed out, I’d think it an honest oversight – she actually changed the spelling of an important character’s name.
Book 1 we have Sable, the MC’s mother who has a rather large role in who Eve goes on to become. But in Book 2 she’s Sabel. It was a bit distracting.

This whole series seems that it’s a good series, that with some fine-tuning and an editor could be much better than good.
It did leave me wanting more and despite the continuity discrepancies and poor grammar, I did pre-order Book 3. I absolutely have to have it.

McClellan has a brilliant way of sucking you in and leaving you wanting – no needing – more. If only she put a bit of effort into the overall presentation of the book or hired an editor, this and its predecessor would both be 5 star reads.

I do recommend the series – *if* you’re someone who can get past poor grammar and questionable continuity.

Which brings me to – OVERALL – 3 stars.

Is professionally done and matches the other covers in this series. Gorgeous font and relative graphics.
Seems to be missing.
Absolutely, soul-grippingly addicting – but tainted by lack of editing.
Yes- to the point of I’d advise you to hold on tight.

I’m curious about the author’s other series but probably will skip them. While she clearly has a brilliant skill here, the lack of effort that’s put into the rest of the details might have me pulling my hair out if this series is a testament to her style. A shame and probably my loss! I do recommend checking her out as she clearly has the ability to create beautiful, magical worlds.