So I got this silicone mold for a product review and decided to try it out. There were no heat/ time instructions included so – not knowing how it would turn out I figured I’d just use a box mix.


(FYI – 40 minutes at 350*F did the trick)

I did skip the butter and instead use coconut oil – it tasted great. Going forward will bake with coconut oil – but that’s a different topic!
Here’s the one I like:

So I used water, coconut oil and 3 eggs and the boxed mix. Poured the batter into the mold seen here:

I filled each piece about half way and wondered if I shouldn’t have doubled the batter.

The baked product also made me think I should have just frosted the “Bottom” and called that a giant cupcake.

Curiosity won out though. I cut each part flat and proceeded to try and construct a “giant cupcake” after it cooled.

The bottom actually reminds me of a giant Reese’s – maybe I should’ve gone with that.
Here it is, mid-frosting.

I was using a canned “Orangesicle” frosting ’cause I got a good deal on a case of them.

The frosting, though the cake wasn’t warm at all and the apartment was a crisp 70* F, was runny and hard to work with. I do not recommend that canned shit if you want to get fancy. At any rate – here it is in the works…

I decided to chill the frosting and try again later to make it look better… as the partially-frosted “cupcake” sat, waiting – I realized it looked a bit obscene.


So… is it just me?!

In case you’re wondering, it did taste alright. Though, the boy was hesitant to eat it because of its appearance.