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Your Spirit Space (TM) Rainbow Good Luck Elephant Tapestry-Quality Home or Dorm Hippie Wall Hanging. The Ultimate Bohemian Decoration.



Pelican Freak’s 5-star review:

Wow – this is an easy way to really brighten or change the dynamic of a room!

It is 52″x 82″.
In the pic I have here, you’ll see it spread out sideways on my King-sized bed to give you some perspective.
This is long enough – with a few inches to spare actually – to cover my couch. When I have people come in for inspections, etc (apartment complex), I’m thinking this will help the place to look that much better. I’m going to pick up one more for this purpose.
Also my recliner is really ugly, but really comfortable so I keep it. I’m thinking of picking out another from the same brand for that – hopefully I can find one that compliments the couch.
It’s an easy way to hide the fact that I have old, mismatched furniture.
However I do want at least one hanging up. The wall that my bed is on has been dull – naked.
Not any more – this really did change the look of the whole room, at least to me. Now, I feel like it looks nice.

It did come with 4 flower push pins and while it is lightweight -I didnt want to trust them alone. They may well do the job, I cant say.
Since I’m arthritic and short, putting this up was a bit of a project for me so I used others to hang this – and more, in an attempt to keep it up longer.

It did look really great laid out on the bed – but it fit sideways only. I suspect it would really pull a room together on a smaller bed- probably full sized, or twin (It would hang off all sizes of a twin bed though, due to size).

Very pretty.
Bold colors.
Seems well made.

It did come with an odd smell – not a terribly powerful one.
And the smell dissipated after the tapestry was left out for about 24 hours. Perhaps from being confined in the poly bag it was packaged in.

I have no complaints, and I wouldn’t change a thing so, 5 stars.

*I did receive a discount on this tapestry in exchange for my honest review.