I made these super easy dog treats and thought I’d share!

They turned out to be a big hit with several pups and even one who is on a restricted diet due to acid reflux!

They’re bland, and don’t look appetizing, IMO but apparently they are doggie crack.

Super easy. My recipe yielded about 13 large cookies. You could make them smaller and get closer to 2 dozen or obviously double the recipe 🙂

I started out with one banana, sliced…


I mashed it up – this was pretty easy to do. I couldn’t find my potato masher, but a fork worked fine.

I then added:

3 tablespoons of peanutbutter

1 cup of sifted flour (you could do oat flour, wheat flour, etc instead)

Two-thirds cup of oats.

I threw in a handful of parsley because it’s supposed to help their breath.

1 egg – you’ve gotta have a binder.


Mixing this definitely wasn’t an arthritis-friendly activity, but I got through it.

The mixer didn’t work well, since there is no grease whatsoever in this combination. I recommend mixing by hand.

Once it was all blended, I wondered whether I’d be able to roll it out since it wasn’t your typical dough, being banana-based but it did work! I simply floured my rolling pin and my mat – it rolled out quite easily.

I then used these kick-ass cookie cutters I had around to cut out fun shapes. I didn’t grease the cookie cutters, and they didn’t stick.


Not wanting to use anything greasy, oily, etc, since it was for dogs, I didn’t grease my baking sheet. I used Reynolds non-stick tinfoil and it worked like a breeze.
Like I said, the end product isn’t gorgeous, but it worked!!


300* F for 40-45 minutes!


Let me know if you try them out!