In the near future, the recipe and execution steps taken in order to pull off this beautiful cake will be posted in another post.

This is a certified organic cacao powder by Viva Labs.

This powder worked awesome for this recipe – I’ll be using this going forward in any baking I do.

cacao powder\

The finished product:


I finally got around to both baking and cooking with this powder and wow – I am impressed and will never buy that Hershey’s stuff again!

I made a chocolate cake from scratch and topped it with a chocolate buttercreme icing, also from scratch so this powder was a key ingredient for both parts.

The cake batter I cooked on the stove – once I added this in, it finally looked ‘normal’. It went from questionable to beautiful and rich. I learned that with this a little bit goes a long way as the flavor is really intense.

For the buttercream frosting, after I creamed this with butter I had a really bitter blend. I added in powder sugar until it was sufficiently sweetened and now I have the richest, most delicious chocolate frosting I’ve ever tasted.

The powder was really fresh and came in a resealable zipper bag. Super handy. Recommend and will buy this going forward.

*I received a sample of this cacao powder for free in exchange for my honest review.