OMG I love this sponge.

So – I have it because it was offered to me and I figured what the heck. I had no idea that it would turn into something I cannot live without.
It’s super soft.
It does come hard – after running it under the faucet for just a few seconds it softens right up.
I put the following product right into it, just a small amount:

St Ives Scrub, Even & Bright Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange 6 Ounce

… it lathers up rather nicely and I proceed to scrub my face.
This is AWESOME.
I literally noticed improvement from the first time i used it. I truly does exfoliate and also – it got rid of some dead skin build up I’d had going on and been previously unable to get rid of.
Now my face is soft and smooth, in addition to clean. My skin looks awesome.

It hardens back up once it dries. I’ve found that just resting it on the counter – the side that it sits on stays soft.
So it’s better to hang it dry so it all stays even, I think. It is hangable – as pictured it’s got a bit of thread built in.

Really nice sponge and combined with the soap that I happen to use – it works well to help wake me up in the morning.

*I received this sponge for free in exchange for my honest review.