I’m a big fan of Kane’s whimsical writing and elven worlds  – I’m not generally an elf person but her Book 1 in this series, Ribbon of Darkness hooked me.

Each of these books is a different situation, different characters, etc. – they can be read in any order, as standalones.

The book:


Here’s Pelican Freak’s 4 star review A Whisper of Rue!

A Whisper of Rue is par for the Trouble with Elves course – the lingo is cute and totally fitting. Kane is a great themer – (My Disney-brainwashed self approves).

Rue starts out mysteriously – we meet Rue, and are juuuust getting to know her when she finds the mysterious earpiece and the voice on the other end. It only becomes more filled-with-mystery as it goes on, though I did predict the outcome… (I predict everything though and I don’t think most people would predict this storyline.)

It was super fun travelling with Rue to see if my predictions would be right – and the banter between herself and Gage. Lots of whimsy with fairies, sparklees and a trippy journey. There’s mystery, suspense, action, drama and sex. This book has it all – and it’s all wrapped up neatly into a fun little quickie. Highly recommend.

*I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for my honest read/review.