This one is super fitting for this time of year – though, I found it to be really fun for any time!

Some really brilliant authors came together to compile this book. I gave it 5 stars!

First of all this book in & of itself is an attest to how amazing the author community can be; many of them got together and contributed, edited, formatted, etc. in order to bring us this book and have all proceeds go to Brandon Hale -another great author who’s battling cancer and the bills that come with doing so.
That said I’ll post reviews to each short story as I read them.

Madness – by Trish Marie Dawson:
Dawson manages to provide for a very vivid picture to the reader with her detailed descriptions while giving us the POV of predator, victim and law enforcement. The action ensues quickly and as is typical for Trish, ends in a way that leaves me wanting more…

Donald Beasley’s Big Adventure – by Ana Oru’
I enjoyed this very much as it managed to surprise me every step of the way where I normally predict every step of what I read/watch. I LOVE a writer who can surprise me. Not your typical predator/prey roles at all!

Going to Hale – by Stephen Arseneault
Another quick, great read. “Never hunt alone.” Not really a spoiler because, although it led me to predict the outcome mostly, there was still a cool surprise in the very end.

Blood Anthem – by – George Wier
This story sucked me in straight away with a fun cliche and then turned out to be a complete surprise – will look for more from this author!

Field of Blood – by – John Daulton
I was completely caught off guard by the time I hit the end of this one; the story started out in a completely intriguing way, then seemed to go a bit cliche and then – well it didn’t. I do not want to spoil anything but you’ve just got to read this one all the way through to appreciate it fully. 😉

**Will post updates as I read more of these stories. So far, all are great.**