I absolutely LOVED this book , mainly because it’s excellent, suspenseful and fast-paced but also because it introduced me to the brilliant writing of Joel Mark Harris!!

The Book:    http://amzn.to/1VCNNRf

5 (out of 5) Stars, says the Pelican Freak!!

This is SUCH a fun, fast, action-packed, thought-provoking, addicting read!!

I hadn’t read any of Harris’ books prior to picking up this one so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When the book gripped me from the very first lines I was excited and absolutely had to go on – he really knows how to hook a reader!

The book is really fast-paced and well written. Some of the short simple sentences, when worded just right can really work to set the mood and elevate the reader’s excitement – this book definitely has that going on.

He has a way with description that is unlike any other – he manages to use few words but I get a very specific image in my mind – it’s all very perfect. It makes for a faster, but more vivid read.

As his MC investigates the crime at hand, terrorist activity, I come to appreciate the true-to-life and accurate examples and explanations. While I’ve studied terrorism quite a bit, he still managed to make me thing and provide an angle that is absolutely, frighteningly mind-blowing.

A while ride that is completely plausible – the best kind. This is a can’t-miss series. I cannot wait to read the rest of it.

Cover is gorgeous and professional.
Overall well done!