I really enjoyed this book and as it happens it’s currently on sale for .99.

Pelican Freak’s 3 (out of 5) star review…

This is a tricky book to write a review for but I’m going to give it a good effort.

The book:


Storywise –
Sucked me in right away! I immediately came to like Eve, wanted to get to know her better and definitely craved to know more about her world. She introduced herself and her world in a vague but intriguing way. It took a little bit to get started but once it did, I found it hard to put the book down. When I did put the book down, I found that I missed it and it didn’t stay down for long.

Editing/ Proofing
What makes it hard to review is, early on I couldn’t help but notice the poor grammar.
Painful things like “have run” or the wrong usage of a word here and there… I began to wonder whether this author uses and editor and proof reader.
Of course you’ll never catch every mistake and there are bound to be some!

However the errors and bad grammar made more appearances, seemingly increasingly. There were times that words were mis-spelled to the point of being other words, or being not a word at all … nothing that a decent proof reader couldn’t clean up. So the book lacks professionalism but this could be easily rectified. Except there’s more..

There was one time where the POV could’ve used a bit of help.. I don’t want to list any spoilers but it was either a continuity issue or should’ve been handled a little bit different OR explained at the least.

There were minor continuity issues aside from this … little details that didn’t get resolved or contradicted previous little details.
These are all things that a decent editor could probably clean up so again – not major but enough discrepancies here, and combined with the many poor grammar instances that it did become distracting. When the poor or lack of editing/proofing is to a point that the reading experience becomes impacted, I’ve got to deduct star(s).

Character development –
I think this is overall really good. I noted a couple of times that I’d have liked to see improvement but overall it works well.
Eve is well designed… she’s honorable, relatable and likable.. then she isn’t … but then she works to find herself and it seems like she’ll be those things again…

Overall remarks…
I actually did immediately come on and buy Book 2 in the series – I absolutely have to go on, to know more.
I crave this world that I’ve found myself submerged in!
Cover seems professional and there were some great quotes/ lines in this book that definitely inspired some deep thought.

This author is clearly brilliant – and editor would likely help to organize her brilliant world a little bit better.

It does end on a cliffhanger but at least the next 2 books are available now so there’s no need to drive yourself crazy waiting at least. 🙂

Bottom line?
This is a good book that with the right editor could be great.
I do recommend it unless you’re a total grammar-nazi … which I tend to be but … still liked the story enough to keep at it!

*I received this book for free – not from the author – in exchange for agreeing to read it for the purpose of leaving an honest review.

It’s usually 2.99 so this is of course, a great deal. I do recommend the book to readers, though I also recommend the author hire an editor and re-release a tidier version of it.