Product testers, reviewers, etc .. did you know you can use the ‘Your Account’ feature of Amazon’s website to build spreadsheets for you? It saves SO MUCH work.

Simple go to http://www.amazon.com (Mobile users: you’ll need the full site) and click on “Your Account” (top right).
Then click on ‘Account’.

You’ll have a huge list, in 2 columns of things you can do at the account level. Near the top though, under the big yellow “Orders” button, there’s a “Download Order Reports” link … You can specify a date range, any date range you want for as long as you’ve had your account. You can give the report any name you want, for example “Sept. 2015” or whatever.

It’ll take a few seconds to a few moments – longer the more data it needs to gather. I had 284 items for the last one i ran and it just took about a minute or so – once it’s ready you can view it in an Excel Workbook!

The spreadsheet includes EVERYthing imaginable: order date, order number, ASIN, ship date, tracking info, carrier, shipping address, list price, actual price, how you paid, what you paid, etc etc.

You can then of course grab a sum or whatever categories you want – the information is all there!

(Formula:  =SUM(highlight all cells you want or type them all out by name) & hit ENTER

Example  =SUM(L1, L2, L3) ::ENTER::

Easy right? So if you’re a reviewer who keeps a spreadsheet, or you ever just want to see your spendings/ savings in a month, etc. make your life easier and use this feature.

It also lists categories too so you could easily use this to find out what categories you’re spending you’re money on if you’re a frequent Amazon user like I am.
Hope this helps! See the highlighted link in my screenshot!

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 5.34.50 PM