I got a great deal on Amazon and as a result have nearly a dozen boxes of Duncan Hines Pink Velvet Cake Mix. So I decided to get a little creative – what could I do with these besides make cakes and cookies?

Today I made “Pink Velvet Waffles” and they are pretty tasty.


One Box of Pink Velvet Cake Mix (could also do the blue)
1/3 cup of oil – (I used coconut oil, they’re fairy sweet. If you don’t want them sweeter, you can do canola or vegetable oil instead.)
3/4 c – 1 cup of water. (As needed to thin the batter a bit)
3 eggs
Vanilla to taste (I don’t measure, I just dump it in… maybe 2 teaspoons to start?)


Beat all the above together.
Spoon or pour into waffle iron.



Now enjoy.
Personally I like them plain or sprinkled with powdered sugar.

How do you eat them??



& I just realized it’s October 1st – pretty fitting I guess since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Let me know if you try them!