Book 3 in the Pierce Securities Series is Click, due out November 4th. Here’s a snippet, because all my blurbs suck so far…
“This right here. The stars. Aren’t they beautiful?” She glanced over to find Jake staring at her.
“You’re beautiful.”
His hand cupped her neck and he came in close. “Can I?”
Miriam didn’t respond. She licked her lips, as if they weren’t listening to her brain, which was emphatically yelling at her to stop this.
He obviously wasn’t listening to her internal monologue, as Jake’s lips captured hers in a tentative kiss. Her brain reminded her that he was an asshole at the bar, that he’d given her coke yesterday, he was mixed up in Tres Lobos, he stole from his parents. It was screaming at her that this was a bad idea.
But at the touch of his lips on hers, the lizard part of her brain, the part that was just made to eat, sleep, and have sex, told her to go for it. She whimpered into his lips in defeat, and his arms went around her waist, pulling her close as he deepened the kiss. Jake’s lips were soft, his mouth warm, and the aftershave exquisite. She didn’t want him to ever let her go.
“Oh my God,” she breathed at him, between kisses. His tongue delved into her mouth, but before she lost herself completely, she pulled back. “We can’t do this.”
He kissed her again, muttering against her mouth, “Why not?”
“I can think of half a dozen reasons off the top of my head.”
That seemed to stop him, but he didn’t let go of her. Jake just looked at her quizzically, as if he saw absolutely nothing wrong with the fact they were kissing. He apparently didn’t realize he had a dual personality and was a complete shit half the time he existed. He finally looked up, taking a deep breath. When he refocused on her, his eyes hardened into something wild. Something feral. Something passionate. And a little scary.
“Blame it on the stars,” was all he said before his mouth captured hers again.

Here it is… without further ado…