Five Star Food Preparation & Cooking Set – Mixing Bowls, Sieve, Colander & Measuring Cups – 8 Pieces

Pelican Freak’s 3.5 Star Review:

These are okay and overall I’d rate them at 4 stars … I just was torn between 3 and 4 for the rating because, at a list price of nearly $35 I would expect better quality.

It is sufficient as a food prep set, and that’s what it’s listed as so I’d say that’s fair.
I enjoy the colors – though I’d have liked bolder ones and they are stackable- IF you place them just right inside each other and so can be a space saver in this way.

The bigger bowl is good as a mixing bowl for large batters or for a chill bowl. No spout, so I wouldn’t quite call it a batter bowl. The largest bowl does not have measurements in it and does have some extra pieces of rubber and plastic attached so it is clearly pretty cheaply made.

The measuring cups are handy and with the exception of the purple one could be hung.
The pink strainer is sufficient and the sifter / rice washer /etc is a mesh ? (but made if al plastic) material and a handy tool.

The green bowl is good for little ones because of the size and handles. I’m afraid to put these in the dishwasher as mine gets really hot and these seem flimsy. I’d throw them in the top rack of past dishwashers i had that didnt get quite as hot as this one – and I wouldn’t use the drying heat with them in there.

I wouldn’t pay the list price for these – but I am frugal. For the quality, I’d pay about $10-$12 max.

*I received this set at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

Pics can be seen here: